Mouth Ulcers
javedakhtar posted:
Its been 3 months now, I am looking for treatment of my mouth ulcers. Let me tell the symptoms first

- Very small skin-color dots in mouth wall lower area (parallel to lower teeth row). Upon moving tongue feel like rough skin.
- Discomfort in cheeks but very less, feel like little stretch/itching in cheek. Often starts in second half of the day
- Other mouth sores (red) appear and disappears themselves
- No pain, No severe stretch, normal mouth opening

Medical Specialist 1: Early stages of submucous fibrosis as i had been using naswar (chewing tobacco for 7 years which i left since the time this problem started).
Medical Specialist 2: Stomach and intestinal problem
Dentist: Ruled out any possibility of Submucous fibrosis, said its due to stress/anxiety
ENT: Ruled out any possibility of submucous fibrosis, said its due to stress/anxiety
Gastroenterologist: Diagnosed as stomatitis, said its due to stress /anxiety
Skin Specialist: Apthous Ulcers due to stress/anxiety

Medicines I used:
Esomeprazole 40mg (6 weeks)
Escitalopram 5 mg (2 weeks)
Kenalog in Orabase
ALP (sleeping pill) 5mg (1 weeks)
Probiotics (4 weeks)
Prednisolone (1 week)

My CBC report mention below line
Eosinophilia.Normocytic normochromic RBC's morphology. Platelets are adequate on smear.
I had Vitamin B12 deficiency as well and to cater that i had Mecobalamin injections and oral treatment for 5 weeks.

Doctors want me to put on anti depressants but i am avoiding to use them. I am trying to relieve the stress but problem is still there