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Unidentified Pain
hughesmom posted:
I have been having pain under my right ribs consistently for the past 6 months. Some days it is worse than others. I seem to notice it more when sitting (office job or riding in the car) and feel the need to move around, but moving and stretching does not relieve the pain. I have also had episodes of pain, pressure and cramping that stretches from the top center of my abdomen over to my right side also. I recently had a gallbladder ultrasound, but the Dr said my scans looked normal. I ended up in the ER last Sunday night because the pain had been going on since 5:30 that morning and was only getting worse. While I was waiting to be seen, they were asking me a lot of questions, and the pain started to lessen slightly. They gave me a GI cocktail...which numbed everything down my GI tract, seemed to help and they said I probably have a stomach ulcer. I had another episode Tuesday night as well, but did not go to the ER because I knew what to expect this time. I have been referred to a GI Dr (appt 9/9). The ER Drs mentioned a HIDA scan if the GI Dr thinks I don't have an ulcer. I have been taking Pepto Bismol daily just to try to keep the pain away, but I am still having the pain on my right side and the Pepto is affecting my BM's. Is it possible that I have both an ulcer and gallbladder problems? Anyone with any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!

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