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    GERD feels like food is getting cau
    veritys posted:
    My doctor thinks I have GERD gastro reflux; infection in my esophagus. My ultra sound came back good so its not gall bladder etc. I am currently taking nexium; I was experiencing anxiety and lots of stress; but I have changed my diet, no coffee, no alcohol, drinking Ensure shakes to gain weight as I lost a lot of weight and get my vitamins etc, and am exercising daily. I feel like the anxiety is better, I am not dizzy and lightheaded and am getting energy back. BUT now it feels like my food is getting caught in my esophogus. Down in my sternum and towards where the food meets the stomach. It feels like it sits there and is very uncomfortable and it feels like i need to burp or something or gag myself to get it to move or something. Does anyone experience this feeling of the food getting caught? I also feel pressure through my sternum to the middle of my back at times. What a pain. Help!!!!!
    PRIMAITALIANA responded:
    Im having the same problem. Im at the point where I dont wanna eat b/c I feel like its sitting in my esophagus & I cant swallow. It has sent me into panic attacks & my doc had to give me Adivan. I just went to the doc yesterday & he gave me Kapidex for GERD or an ulcer he's not sure which I have yet. I hope it helps b/c I feel like Im losing my marbles. So your not alone, I hope it gets better for you Take Care
    UniQsTaRs0RisKy responded:
    so does this mean its gastritis right cause i feel the same way to i get nausea loss of appetite but still eat alittle?
    leo111s responded:
    Hi veritys,

    I have a similar problem and was diagnosed with esophageal spasms. they test this by doing a manometry. the other thing you can have is achalasia, where the LES doesn't open to allow food to go down to the stomach.

    you need to have the tests done, and try different medicine. I had the back pain and the calcium channel blockers helped (procardia XL 60mg 2xday)

    Other than that, though my problem is pretty severe, in that the medicine isn't really helping.

    Let me know what your doc says, but for the back pain when the food gets stuck, I do recommend the Calcium channel blockers. (PS as an extra benefit, I use to have migraines, and the Procardia has helped with that as well - haven't had a migraine in over 3 months!)
    DeltaJorge responded:
    Hello All,

    My name is Jorge and I am new to this forum. I am hoping that this forum can bring comfort to me in many diffrent levels. I first starting having a problem with GERD about 5 years ago. I have always been a person that ate all kinds of food, spicy, fried,grilled,baked etc. And I never had a problem, I actually thought I had a rock for a stomach. About 5 years ago I started to develop a sour stomach and nausea everytime I ate. I didnt give it much tought at the time, As time progressed it started to gradually get worse. I then began to feel like my food would get stuck in my esophagus and feel full all the time. I also began to throw up because I felt full, and could not burp out.

    Throughout these years at times it would better and at time it got worse. Finally last year I built the courage enough to see a gastroentouroligist, not sure about the spelling. He did a scan down my throat and took a biopsy of my stomach. Thank god he said everthing came back fine. He prescribed Nexium for me. The Nexium did help me out for the first and second month. After I stopped taking the Nexium the symptoms continued but worse. Now a year later I get nausea if I eat what I normally ate 5 years ago. I constantly feel like throwing up and get alot of body pain. I have gone to my regular doctor about 20-25 times. He has done numerous blood work and all the resluts have been negative. He even referred me to a cardioalogist because I felt some pain in my chest. My cardioalogist did numerous test and they al came back negative. He said it might be stress related. I told him I tend not to stress about things but the way I feel makes me feel nervous.

    At times I cannot control but feel hopeless and nervous. When I feel like my esophogaus is full I feel like throwing up and getting a fresh gush of air. I constantly burp and have alot of what I think is a nasal drip that makes me spit alot. I dont know what to do anymore, and hope that someone can tell me if they have gone through any of these symptoms and how they have helped themselves. I dont like to go to my doctors because the last time I went he thought it was all mental. I know how I feel and how I felt before. I need your help. Thanks. Delta Jorge NYC
    jezekel responded:
    Hi. I am brand new to this forum and new to GERD. I just developed it in the last month! I know the feeling you mean. It is so awful. If you eat something cold, do you feel the coldness linger? UGH. I am worried that I will not be able to have surgery if my motility is too slow. Does anyone know about that? Is low motility a deal breaker for the Nissen or for Esophyx? Is there surgery for slow esophageal motility? Is there any hope at all??
    PegandBud responded:
    I have the same problem! I have had this problem off and on for about 4 years. Two years ago, I had a barium swallow (didn't show anything because I don't have problems with liquids) and an EGD. The gastro guy didn't do a biopsy and said that I have GERD. Fast forward to yesterday, another EGD and biopsy proved that yes I have GERD but now I also have severe erosion in my esophagus along with ulcers. I've been put on pantoprazole sod dr 40 mg and I will have to return to have the ulcers repaired later.

    I wish that the first gastro guy had listened when I told him that I didn't have heartburn or any of the other symtoms of GERD. I didn't then and I still don't! I am very stressful and when I was working, I was under alot of stress (I'm now retired). this was one of the causes of the ulcers.

    It is a terrible feeling to have to leave the table to go and cough up your food. And no matter how small the bites are, it still happens. I have completely stopped eating foods such as salads, meats, rice and breads for that reason. Hopefully the meds will heal the erosion and the ulcers can be removed. The new gastro guy says that the ulcers are whats causing my throat to feel like it is closed. Also, do you have allergies? I have been getting allergy shots for almost 2 years and this had alot to do with the choking. The mucus was so heavy that it mixed with the food and caused the choking.

    Keep me posted on how you are doing, you are not alone in this...

    Take care,

    gerdzilla responded:
    Hi veritys and jorge, I am from NYC too but live in Az. Anyway, I have the samething w/ food getting stuck in the esophogas, i had EDG andw as told I h ave Barrets esoph. which is not good to have, pre-can. I have been told... the only thing I can suggest is to eat more slowly and chew your food more thoroughly for some reason this seems to help, I have always gobbled my food like a vaccum cleaner and this creates air, which in turn leads to indigestion.

    The pain that is experienced in the sternum and back I believe I learned from this forum is what they call 'esophogeal spasm' I really dont know how to handle this, I just kind of deal with it and massage my back and chest, it helps.... feel better
    wellnessmom4 responded:
    The sensation of food getting caught - isn't that supposed to be a symptom of a hiatal hernia? I don't know - I'm new to all of this and just trying to figure out my own symptoms. Right now I'm trying to figure out if I need to have an endoscopy because I do sometimes feel like food stops behind my breastbone and I also have the almost non-stop chest pressure and aching that sometimes seems to go right thru my chest to my back. Can't see the GI doc for another 4 weeks (sigh).
    tortega61 responded:
    I feel you pain!! I have had the same feeling for about 2 months now.. 4 years ago I had the same feeling of food stuck only higher up in the esophagus, at that time I had a scope and a barium swallow...nothing. Now 4 years later I have fodd getting stuck to where I have to regurgitate it back up to get it out! The only thing that puzzles me s that I have weight gain...not loss. So I know food is going down, no bowel problems. But this is sooooo frustrating, I cant stand it and am worried everyday that I have cancer of the esophagus, but I would have thought that they would have found something , with all the x-rays, blood work and everything I have done!
    debbiejohns responded:
    I just signed up and saw this discussion. This is me. I am almost to the point of not eating. I see what others have wrote and I am glad I am not alone. Everyone seems to thinks it is anxiety.. well without the issue I dont have the anxiety.. I hate the feeling and I usually end up throwing up. I have had the egd done but my gastro doc. wants to do those other swallowing test but they sound awful. I cannot do those.. I have a gag relfux. plus with all these test they come back normal so whats the point. I did like what the one wrote that it could be allgergies and the musus is getting stuck and mixed with food because even nothing on my stomach and only water it makes me throw up.. I have been on the gerd meds for years too so it isnt that or not helping and I got my gall bladder removed.l. I now will try some type of allergy meds then.. otherwise I dont know what to do...just dont eat? it all just feels like it sits in throat and I am on meds, all my test are normal.. so what could it be? I need to change my diet though... eat less sugar, carbs. caffeine and see if that works. but even veggies and fruits do the same feeling
    Subie2 replied to debbiejohns's response:
    It's been years since anyone has posted here, but here goes and hopefully someone is reading this. My symptoms started about 6 months ago with bubbles gurgling in my throat and getting instantly full when I would try to eat after feeling extremely hungry. I was so busy at work I didn't see a doctor, but 3 months later it progressed to extreme burning breath in my throat. Ice water didn't even touch the burn. My doctor put me on Prilosic. After 2 weeks I became extremely sick during the night, diarrhea and projectile vomiting...hardly made it to the bath room. From that point on I had extreme nausea without vomiting. When the nausea would hit me I got very weak, like it pulled out all my strength. I dropped 17 pounds in 3 weeks.I was also experiencing hoarseness where I would almost lose my voice. My doc sent me to a gastro specialist. From there I had the hydrogen breath test, a nuclear MRI to see if my gall bladder was functioning, a CAT scan on my GI tract with all negative results. Next I had the endoscope with biopsies: a stomach polyp was negative, no Barrett's esophagus, no H Pylori....all was normal. Next I had a colonoscopy because the CAT scan did show. Thickening in the intestine wall. When he went in, all was fine! In the meantime I tried to wean myself off the Prilosic since I have no follow up and feel I am on my own. After 2 weeks of weaning I am back on the 20mg per day and the 2 Zantac I m also supposed to take. I was never told I had GERD, I'm just assuming I do. This is very frustrating. As a person who also, always ate and drank whatever I wanted, my life as I knew it has been put on hold. No coffee, alcohol, chocolate, fried foods, butter, cream or creamy sauces, spicy foods, citrus foods and drinks etc. what helps me when I feel the swelling in my throat is a hot cup of ginger tea with honey. It does help me burp to get relief. I also drink lots of water, sometimes with lemon which has an alkalizing effect on the body. The worst part of all of this is not knowing why this happened or if it is a life long affliction. I tend toward panic attacks and fight the fear frequently over this whole thing. I am praying and hoping for a miracle! I want my life back! This ruined my whole summer....and my daughters wedding is coming up in 6 weeks and I am praying I'll get through the night (of course no wine or wedding cake for me!!!). My progression this last week has been ringing in my ears, a sore throat, headaches and a dripping burning nose. God bless you all, this is more than any human being should have to handle. My doctor also told me stress probably brought it on I own 2 businesses- a dance studio and store....some of the parents are crazy lol). But I am trying to be positive. I will continue to monitor these posts. Please let me know if any of you have gotten relief since you first wrote! Subie2
    welcomefriend replied to Subie2's response:

    The following will require weeks, if not months, of patience, perseverance and practice. Desired results may come after a long time.

    1. Totally avoid processed or packed or canned food. Avoid eating out. Eat home-made foods as much as possible.
    2. Avoid sugar, candies, chocolates, spicy, fatty or sweet foods.
    3. Try to avoid lying at least 1 hour after a meal.
    4. Try to avoid positions like crouching and bending forward for a long time which puts pressure on your stomach or abdomen.
    5. Avoid wearing tight-fitting lower body garments which puts pressure on your belly.
    6. Practice sleeping on your sides, not lying on your back.
    7. Drink sufficient amount of plain water. Avoid other types of beverages including fruit juices and if possible, eat whole fruits.
    8. Moderate open air free-hand exercise and walking.
    9. Try to remain in open fresh air and sunlight for some time daily.
    10. Chew and chew your food thoroughly. Continue chewing food until there is nothing left in your mouth. This will at least double your eating time. So adjust your daily time-table accordingly.
    11. A hard and stiff abdomen often causes stress, strain and digestive disorders like ibs, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, chronic constipation or diarrhea etc.
    Hence ideally our belly should be small, soft, tender, yet, at the same time strong, supple and flexible to support our body. This may sound absurd. But I assure you that it is very much possible. Anyone, with a little bit of practice and patience, can make it happen himself.
    If we observe the breathing pattern of infants and young children. we will find that usually their breathing is relaxed and effortless. Their chest do not move much, rather their chest and belly gently move up and down simultaneously during breathing. Whereas we usually breathe moving only our chest and shoulder while our belly remains more or less static or stiff.
    No, I am not talking about so-called "abdominal breathing" in which, the chest is forcibly kept still and only the abdomen moves. I am telling about "normal" breathing involving simultaneous effortless movements of chest and abdomen.
    So our target will be to very slowly involve our belly to move while breathing and to gradually reduce stress on our chest and shoulders. The most important thing is proceed slow but steady. Never apply any force or pressure during this process. Be patient and wait for results to come automatically.
    At beginning, by put your palm of your hand on your belly and observe whether your belly is soft and tender, or stiff and hard; whether it is moving up and down in breathing or remains static and fixed. Do not try to keep your chest still. Allow it to move on its own. Then try to relax your whole body, particularly your abdomen, chest and shoulders. Do not use force to push up or down your belly. Do not unnecessarily try to take deep inhale or deep exhale. Rather just watch your breathing. Keep focus on your belly. Feel your belly. Just observe your breathing pattern and relax. Keep in mind the target- that ultimately the stress on your chest and shoulders will be reduced and your chest and belly will smoothly and automatically move up and down together in breathing. Such movements will be not big or heavy, rather small, quiet and easy.
    Also observe closely the breathing patterns of people around you. After some time, you yourself will be able to find out who is breathing normally and healthily, and who is not.
    Gradually and slowly, after months of practice, your belly will start to move automatically together with your chest while you inhale and exhale. You will enjoy it. Your body and mind will get multiple benefits. It is worth trying for at least a couple of months.
    Let us hope for the best. Good wishes.

    zoe1969 replied to DeltaJorge's response:
    Hi There

    I am also getting all of your sypmtoms and it is driving me mad and worried! are you ok now?
    zoe1969 replied to Subie2's response:
    Hi There

    I am also getting some of your sypmtoms and have been on lansoprazole for two weeks. I have no appetite at all and feel fed up and sometimes i feel that the food may not be going down properley...Do you get this? so worried im going back to docs Friday.

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