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GERD and Multiple Sclerosis
ergonoid posted:
My concern is that my GERD is actually a result of Multiple Sclerosis. I've had several diagnoses of other medical concerns that eventually just went away with no effect from doctor prescribed medications -- a typical scenario for MS. Often the doctor clearly states "Oh no, MS wouldn't cause that." Oh yeah!? I have had Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed for 16 years and last year was diagnosed with GERD. I couldn't believe it! I had no symptoms other than difficulty swallowing. I am taking Protonix, but find no change and only because I've been made aware, do I recognize any symptoms. Those symptoms of periodic difficulty swallowing or hiccups or belching do not "seem" to be relieved by Protonix or any of the other medications I tried. Worst is that I cannot believe the diet we GERD sufferers are to be on. Avoiding some foods is reasonable, but the list contains nearly every food. I'm frustrated and though I've read a lot, I do not understand my GERD and believe mine is a result of MS. Does anyone have information or similar experience regarding this potential? :confused:
ArmyMomAtHome responded:
ergonoid: I have PPMS (dxd 1997) and was dxd with gerd about 2 years ago. I also believe that they might be related. I choke and and cannot get air in. My vocal cords clamp shut. It is called Laryngospasms. When I looked up Laryngospasms on Google, it tells me that it is cased by GERD. lol A big circle... But I'm with you. I couldn't swallow properly and was sent for a barium swallow test, and sent to an ENT for further study. He put a tube down my nose into my throat to look at my vocal cords. I also went to a Speech Pathologist for vocal cords to be looked at because I can't swallow normally. Nothing was dxd except for gerd. I even had to be put under and a tube of some kind was sent down my throat into my esophogas to make sure or see what was was going on. My neuro even had me do a new mri to make sure it hadn't made lesions in my "swallow" area of my brain. Nope. Not MS related everyone says. But I don' t know... Good luck. I know I am constantly looking for answers. That's how I found you...

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