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    KayiLXI posted:
    I suffered with GERD for 2 1/2 years. I tried everything. It was so bad, I can't even tell you. I tried cutting so many things out of my diet. EXCEPT bottled water. I came across a website about bottled water after getting a message from the Holy Spirit that it was the water that was my problem but I didn't understand. Bottled water is CHLORINATED WATER (read "poison"). The bottles they are in are also chlorinated. I stopped drinking bottled water and after 2 1/2 years of suffering, I recovered within 2 days. I have been GERD-free ever since. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself! If your water IS chlorinated, get a water filter that filters out chlorine. Chlorine is a poison that not everyone can tolerate. I am finally healthy again and I thank GOD for his glorious mercy! Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit! Amen!
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    arbob2 responded:
    I can't drink tap about it's only bottled water for me. Sorry.
    KayiLXI replied to arbob2's response:
    I have well water, so I don't drink it either. I do use if for cooking though, since I boil that. I find that drinking water in general is a problem for me. I never used to even drink water until the big advertising push for the healthiness of drinking water, LOTS of water, came along. That's when my problems began (I realize in retrospect). I only drink Sierra Mist right now. It doesn't give me any problems. I think until everything is totally healed, some things are still problematic. For instance, I can't tolerate dairy (diahrrea within an hour). But I know that, soon, after being off the chlorinated water long enough, that will change too. I do hope this helps some. I can only tell you that it is so nice to feel like I'm 14 again (at 49!). I can finally eat spaghetti and chocolate again, just to name a few favorites I had to give up during that 2 1/2 year torture period. Best Wishes!
    Healthy09 responded:
    When I take my omeprazole dr , with water I feel so bad for about 20 mins. I will get a water filter. Thanks so much.
    grydve replied to Healthy09's response:
    I have also had problems with my meds. I thought it was because I didn't take food with it. I have been drinking bottled water for ever it seems, because I thought it would be better for me. I have a filtered water container. Guess I better try that. I have been diagnosed with Gerd in the last 4 years, and just recently was diagnosed with Barretts disease. I hope this will work for me. Thank you for the heads up.
    NewdestinyX replied to grydve's response:
    There are many bottled waters that 100% chlorine free. And I have to disagree - there is no chlorine in/on plastic bottles.
    penwww responded:
    Wow, Praise God, I found out 3 years ago, that chlorine was the problem and have been drinking distilled water, and bottled water, to control the problem. I have been seeking God for the missing link to this problem. I was told yesterday to get a filter for my shower too, Because chlorine is absorb thru the skin.. Now I wonder if there
    is a link to IBS.and Chlorine .

    Thank you,
    God Bless
    KrissyDiaz replied to arbob2's response:
    I am also get severely sick when I drink tap water. I have to have bottled water but only curtain brands.
    KrissyDiaz responded:
    I get severely sick when I drink tap water. I have to have bottled water but only curtain brands.
    kjme11374 replied to KrissyDiaz's response:
    I am highly susicious by nature, and I'm doubting this issue of chorination. I have written to Poland Springs to get detailed info on their water and bottle process.

    Krissy, what brands. I've only used poland springs and nirvana (I switched to Nirvana because of price but I'm going back to PS as there is a diff. in taste).
    kjme11374 replied to kjme11374's response:
    I heard from poland Springs. They do NOT use any type of chlorination in any step of the water or bottle process.

    "There are absolutely no chemicals used in the production of the water, this includes chlorine. The water is collected from the spring locations and then it goes through a 0.2 micron filtration system and goes onto Ultraviolet light disinfection and Ozone disinfection processes.

    Additionally, we do not use chlorine when the bottles are produced. Chlorine or chlorination is not used at any point in our processing."

    These are links to the reports:
    skilldeadly responded:
    Is this the same God and Jesus that GAVE you IBS for 2 1/2 years? Give me a break.
    juzkruzin responded:
    I have GERD since 1995. In that time period I could count the number of bottle water that I have drank. Matter of fact I doubt if I have drank a gallon of water over this time. About half of the time it was coffee for breakfast and beer the rest of the day, every once in a while I would have a Pepsi. I am glad to say that I have stop drinking coffee and beer, no alcohol what so ever. I had a brain tumor removed and was given the choice leave the tumor in and go blind, take it out and maybe lose some teeth. I chose to keep my sight. I have dranked diet noncarbonated green tea. Maybe God healed you but I don't think it was the bottled water. There are over 30 in my wife and my family. All of then drank bottled water and none, except me have G.E.R.D. If you are cured I am glad for you, but I still say it wasn't the water. Seems like someone, to me, is putting something on the Internet so people can have something to talk about around the water cooler!!!!!!
    cj231959 replied to juzkruzin's response:
    It is water in general. Most people do not know this but water is the hardest thing to digest. Sounds dumb I know. But it is true. It bloats a lot of people, causes nausea, and makes GERD worse. I know and I suffer from it. It takes for ever to make it through the digestive tract. It does not happen to all people but it does happen to a lot of people. I've had several Specialist verify it for me after my MD told me, so I believe it's true. I cannot drink water unless it's carbonated. I was told it is because the carbonation makes the liquid dissipate/disovle and move through the digestive tract faster.
    SincerelySue3958 replied to cj231959's response:
    I also have GERD and find that water even a tiny sip causes a back up of the dreaded acid to come up into my throat causing horrible pain! Nothing I drink, absolutely nothing helps me now. I have been suffering for over two years, been on a number of prescriptions and just recently have lost my health insurance! Now I've been downing Tums by the handful to try to relieve my pain! I've also lost my sense of smell and taste but just as I put something into my mouth to eat, the very second it touches my tongue, I get a nasty taste......always the same no matter what I eat. I think it is the acid odor combining with the food. I can't stand it! I hardly eat because of it, oh and also when I swallow food sometimes feels like it is getting stuck! I eat so slow and carefully too! Does anyone out there have any suggestions? And no, I don't have any rotten teeth. I'm trying to get some insurance so I can see my gastroenterologist again. I heard or read somewhere that cider vinegar is suppose to be good for GERD....has anyone tried it?

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