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    IBS with Constipation
    An_201027 posted:
    hey my name is Lulu Im new to this exchange but unfortuantely im not new to IBS. I was diagnosed with IBS about 4-5 years ago and have been suffering ever since. My IBS is predominantly with constipation and of course severe stomach pain. Im lucky if I have a bowel movement once a week. And depending on how long I go in between movements my stomach flips on me and in turn gives me bad bouts of diarrhea which leaves me completely washed out for a day or two. OH ITS LOVELY!!! And then the cycle starts all over again. Im underweight, always feeling like crap and fatigued all the time. Ive tried more fiber in my diet, laxatives and prescription meds (which made me really sick by the way weird) and pretty much anything else. I was just wondring if anyone has any other ideas, suggestions or just complaints/stories to share. Would love to hear them. BC honestly sometimes i feel like im going crazy. Im 28 years old and should be more active and able to do stuff. But I really feel like my stomach problems hold me back from ALOT. I was diagnosed with anxiety before IBS but it wasnt to my anxiety has taken on a life of its own and seriosly control my way of rational thinking...Now that ive blabbered on..cant wait to hear from you. Thanks!
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    LilMissMerrySunshine responded:
    Hi Lulu. We have created an IBS board - we had one under the old format. It is for people who are either diagnosed with IBS or who have not yet been diagnosed.

    It seems much easier than being lumped in with everyone who has already been diagnosed with "treatable" conditions.

    So please come over to our board and post your question, and we'll do our best to help you!
    cookyc responded:
    This is my first attempt to research on my own any possible information to self educate myself on my IBS. I have had it for years though not diagnosed as early as the fibromyalgia and have been terribly afflicted with constipation ever since a sphinteroplasty surgery last July. For weeks, I have been experimenting with dietary changes, suppositories, stopping my meds, etc.
    Reading this young woman's dillema is like looking into a mirror, but I'm 59 and had it. There is no life outside of the bathroom, not to mention relationships. Help!
    Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to cookyc's response:
    Hi everyone!

    For any questions that you would like a reply by a community member or health professional please repost your question as a discussion rather than a tip so that it's easier to find.


    - Annie
    cmfzosa responded:
    I have same situation as yours.It's so hard to keep track what I should eat or not. I've use Heather Tummy Tamer Soluble Fiber, Miralax. The pain is so unberable and I took Prozac. That helps. I was afraid if I took something that cause diarrhea, back to take imodium. Constipation all over again, back to miralax or whatever I can do to make it go away. It never ends.
    I've lost a lot of weigh, fatigue. I got low iron and had to take iron med.
    Wish there is a cure! Check out the web site, a lot of ppl use hypno and really helps.

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