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Please, Help!
rio1953 posted:
After a piece of peanut got stuck in my throat, and I guess scratched it, it started to hurt when I would swallow and food would touch the spot. I have to tell that for a year before that I had been having sinuses infections With cough attacks and accumulation of mucus in my chest it felt like something was stuck in my throat.and I had to swallow and clear my throat every time.Dr.put me on ventolin and flovent but it didn't help I went for allergy test but nothing showed up.Anyways for all anrelated reasons i went for an endoscopy where I was diagnosed with H. Pilori I was given treatment but after I was having stomacache and a fullness in the stomac. The doc. did another scope and and said I had a mild gastritis , four months after that I had the incident with the peanut. The doc after a rinse and antibiotics sent me to the ENT who said I have acid reflux He put me on omeaprozone once a day for a month. Now it is a week that I am on omeaprozone two times a day. The symptoms are still there more so the fact that it hurts when I swallow and food touch the spot ,plus after my ear starts to feel funny and hurtsI have to keep clearing my throat and I feel nauseated. Doctor said I am so sensitive because that is where the nerve is. I am waiting to go to gastro specialist. If anybody has or had anything like this please let me know I am really worried and welcome all answers and help. Thank you all in advance.
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KathKat responded:
My Hiatal Hernia gives me acid reflux. Last summer, my throat felt like food was getting stuck and in November I think I proved that my daily Prilosec pill did lodge in my throat. Gulping water or eating bread dislodged the pill and later there was no sensation.

After 14 days on Prilosec, my throat "heals", but miss a day and its back. I switched to Prevacid and for the first 14 days the "lump" was there.

My summary is that either of these 2 PPI drugs do cure the throat if taken perpertually. The problem is getting through the 14 days.

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