allergic to coatings
Sherylfaith posted:
I was on synthroid and always felt horrible with anxiety and bloating. To make a long story short, you can have reactions to how medicines are made up. The coating on synthroid. You can be allergic to the substance that the pill is coated with. An ingredient can/will cause your IBS to flare up. I switched to TIROSINT. A lot of people with any kind of IBS, allergies should be aware that ANY pills that are encapsulated, coated, etc can cause all your stomach issues because of coatings and/or just 1 ingredient that IS NOT needed in your medicines. Example: take bayer aspirin vs a pain reliever with any kind of coatings.
The coating on synthroid is held together with a type of tree bark. If you have outside allergies, this coating could make your allergies worse. Another ingredient in synthroid causes a lot of people with IBS issues to be allergic to this ingredient in synthroid. PLEASE check with your doctor and NEVER stop your medicine, or stop "cold turkey"! You will get sick!
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