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Interferences to major organs
positivepiper29 posted:
I am 29 and have suffered from acid reflux and constipation for as long as I can remember. I was miserable. I decided to try a chiropractor because every medicine prescribed to me failed. The way it is explained to me is that a vertebrae in my spine was misaligned and had began to pinch the nerve that allow my brain to communicate with my digestive organs. The chiropractor was able to adjust the vertebrae back into place and all of my problems stopped. It took about a 3 weeks for healing but I still get adjusted just in case. I was so tired of taking medicine. I was also motivated because my mom has ulcers and I watch her in pain. Hope this helps if you've never considered chiropractic care. It might be worth a try if you are looking to get to the bottom of the issue and not just cover the symptoms.
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llabree1297 responded:
I agree... My daughter is 10 and suffers for Ulcertive Colitis.. we have been under GI care for over a year and nothing was helping control her flares and bacteria infections... I began to take her to a chiropractor in February and she is now starting to show signs of going into remission... It has been a huge battle to get her well but her colon is now in better then it has been in a year... The chiropractor has also helped her fight off colds and headaches.... Please give it a try you might just be surprised!
missknitter replied to llabree1297's response:
I had back surgery 14 months ago with fusion of L4-5. These are the vertebrae that affect the nerves of the bladder and bowels. My neurosurgeon knows my chiropractor and approves of my seeing her on a regular basis. As far as I'm concerned, any chiropractor knows that keeping your back in good shape helps the rest of your body function. I still have IBS and after surgery for bladder cancer, seem to be lactose intolerant. Don't let anyone tell you that your chiropractor doesn't know anything about how the rest of your body functions. If you go to one don't expect an "instant cure". It takes patient.

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