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DebbyLynnAvitts posted:
I too have had hurrable issues with stomach pain & I had my gallbladder removed 13 yrs ago & deal with lose stools. I carred meds with me all the time. After I would eat I would end up in bathroom almost every time or hold my stomach from gut renching pain. But about 3 months ago I discoved digestive enzymes & my stomach pain is cut into 50 % less. Ive stoped taken all kinds of over the counter meds for stomach problems except once in while a little gas x. My life is so much better. I got the one pill that has 5 different enzymes in it. Each enzyme degist a different type food like 1for fat,1 for protein,1 for fiber,1 for milk, and I cant think of other off top of my head. But if u wish go to a health food store and get this digestive aid and see if it will help u like it has me. I just take 1or 2pills anytime I eat. And if I dont Im here to tell u I pay for it with pain every single time. Now ive learned to have the bottle right next to were I eat. If u dont know of place to buy and dont wont to mess with finding a place I have found & bought my digestive enzymes at a place called The vitimin shoppe and can order online. And last week after buying from there the last 3 months to my surprise I recived a coupon buy one get 2nd half off price. Dont know how offten they offer this discount but im for sure taking advantage of it this month. It will save me a bundle cause ive also started taken herbs & amino acids for other health issues that I discoved while resurching for stomach help. Well good luck I pray the degist enzymes im taken works for those still suffering from stomach type issues with your stomach after gallbladder removel.
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sunild1204 responded:
Have you ever tried ORGANIC SALTS Instead?
Those with Acid Reflux have benefited by taking ACV (Apple cider Vinegar) just before meals. Apple cider vinegar although very acidic; is ALKALINE forming food there by helps regulate PH of Digested food. The Digested food must be neutralized before it can be passed on to next stage in stomach for digestion. If the PH of digested food is low it just sits there along with acid released for digestion and hence causes acid reflux in some people.
But ACV is very strong, and unless diluted properly can not be used if you have a Sensitive stomach, and so in that case better alternative to use is ORGANIC SALTS like Rock Salt/Black salt/Sea salt (Crystals). I normally combine all of these salts and sprinkle these on all my meals after they are served. These salts are capable of absorbing heat and also help regulate PH of digested food. so, it is safe to say that instead of ACV these ORGANIC SALTS can be used instead to avoid acid indigestion.

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