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    I keep losing weight and its scary.
    monicathegreat posted:
    Hey, i need advice, im 5'7 and used to be 155pounds. my family is falling to shambles and its so hard to deal with, and ive lost 35pounds, i only weight 120 (give or take 2 pounds) and its scaring me, im starting to think im becoming annorexic, but im not concerned about my body immage at all right now, i barely eat anything, its crazy, i dont even realize it until im laying in bed thinking my stomach hurts, and then i realize i only ate 2 cheese buns today, thats messed up. and then i cry, my family has a history of depression, and i can see it in me sometimes, but its no where near as severe as my mothers. but i litterally have no appetite, and when i realize that i need to eat and i try to eat but food tastes like im gonna vomit if i swallow the peice im chewing, and my hunger panes come in waves, have a lot of stuff im dealing with and i really need some advice whats wrong with me.

    Thanks, Monica xxxxxx
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Monica and welcome,

    I have the same problem when I'm far too stressed.... no appetite and when I eat, it's hard to get down.

    I'm sorry for all you are dealing with. It's important that you make yourself a priority and start taking care of your physical health. No more waiting until you're hungry to eat; instead, put it on your to-do list and be sure to eat. Eat/choose foods which are easy to digest and usually tasty to you. Even if it's a little bit throughout the day rather than big meals, that's fine.

    Since the stress and depression is part of the picture, not taking care of our eating can lead to spiraling down along with skewed thinking. And it sounds like you need all the mental and physical strength you can muster to get through this. *hugs*
    SarahJane90 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:

    My Name Sarah. I have been losing so much weight recently, I do have stress but I can deal with that as my whole life is full of it.
    I am 5'7 my doctor has said that my weight is ok but I don't feel it is. I feel tired and sick all the time, people have told me that I look like ive lost weight. I eat 3 meals a day so its not that I dont eat. Its really getting me down I want to get a bit bigger but don't know what to do.

    Someone please help.

    Sarah x
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to SarahJane90's response:
    Hi Sarah,

    It doesn't sound like your doctor is really hearing you and maybe it's time to push that a bit with him/her. You not only have lost weight but you're tired and feel sick all the time. Start pursuing answers with them.

    And if nothing shows up on any tests, perhaps get referred to a dietitian for help gaining weight.

    It shouldn't all be just about the number on the scale but how YOU feel. You know your body and you know something isn't right.
    Ilonabologna replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I have a question. I've been losing weight--not wanting to & the dr.'s checked my ferritin levels said it was low. Started taking iron, developed severe acid reflux (I've been on meds for a long time especially anti-inflammatory) & my friend said it's possible I have an ulcer. Very dizzy & lightheaded. The dr said my weight is fine, but I keep losing and trying to eat. I have to take Prilosec daily now due to last week I was coughing so hard I thought I was going to throw up. I haven't been able to work since latter part of 2008. That's a story in itself. I am scared that something is really serious. I am also going through menopause and my skin itches constantly. When I was taking iron it went away, then it comes back. My hair is also thinning all over since Oct (?) of last yr. My weight started to drop when I stopped the anti-inflammatory. I wasn't eating as much. I am trying, but I seem to lose about 1/2 lb a day or something like that. Very scared.

    In 2009 had major surgery, ovary removed, fallopian tube & appendix removed & it was leaking. Was tested, things were fine. Due for a ct scan. Noticing some things w/ my stool as well, told the dr. and he said I am fine. Said I have a lot of anxiety and I need to see someone. I know this, but my energy level is low. The Prilosec does that and also can cause anemia along w/ alopecia. I wake up and am burping, nauseous & can't even think about food until the med kicks in.
    Lainey_WebMD_Staff replied to Ilonabologna's response:
    Hi Ilonabologna,

    I am so sorry you are having so many medical issues. If you are not comfortable with your doctor's diagnoses please get a second opinion.

    Also speaking with a counselor and letting he/she know your energy level is low might help put you in the right direction.

    Please feel free to post and share anything here. This is a very supportive community.

    Soft hugs!
    Ilonabologna replied to Lainey_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thank you! I did speak to my dr. and she told me to take a certain type of iron Ferrous Sulfate, but I read about it and it's very strong and if I am having stomach issues, how will this work? I am seeing an endocrinologist in April, I just hope I don't disappear. I am literally losing weight by the day and trying to eat as stated above. My nails look weird too (some of them) which tells me something. My mom doesn't recognize what is happening and I know if my sister was here she would notice. Still very frightened because there won't be anything left. Dizzy, lightheaded, balance is off big time. I wonder if I do need iron...I have a CT scan on Mon. I look in the mirror and wonder who I am? Driving is difficult at the moment that's why I am wondering about my appt.

    Gosh--too much going on right now.

    Thank you again
    davidcifone replied to Ilonabologna's response:
    Hi llonabologna,

    I see that your post is from about a year ago - just wondering: how have you been recently? Did you ever get to the bottom of what was causing your steady weight-loss and other issues? I'm very curious to know what you were able to find out, and if the doctors were able to point you in the right direction. Please respond here or e-mail me directly at

    Thanks, and hope you're well.
    Bunnychic responded:
    It's just depression making your appetite shuffle
    JessLifemare responded:
    I see this post was awhile ago, I hope your doing better. Im also losing weight to a degree that is scaring me. Ive always been small framed, Im 28, 5'4" 102lbs right now. At 115lbs it looked almost right. But after I got clean ( I was a methadone addict for many years ), I started losing weight slowly and never could regain it. I asked my doctor about it, they did a physical, checked for thyroid abnormalities, all came up fine. Strangely better than fine, everything was in its right place ( which I didnt expect ) . So my dr, just told me I need to eat more protein. I eat those..protein bars and try to grab high calorie food, but Im just not hungry. Its like you said, I forget that I need food until I feel my stomach cramp up from lack of it. If anyone knows of a way to stimulate my appetite, do let me know..
    Michael12188 replied to JessLifemare's response:
    The best way to stimulate your appetite is by burning calories. It sounds like the opposite effect, but it will help. Tuna and other white meat, and banana and peanut butter sandwiches. Your body gets used to metabolizing and will use the proteins rather than dump them. In a sense your body is canabolizing.. Try whey or things harder to digest.

    Getting off of heavy opiates is terrorizing to your metabolism anyway...
    An_251838 replied to Michael12188's response:
    I am 28 years old. It became apparent to me tonight that this is most likely what i have due to the sheer common symptoms i share with the people above me. 18 months ago i was 167lbs. 12 months ago i was 145 and my whole life prior since i could remember i was around 140. I can go all day without eating. living on basically coffee in the morning and cigarettes throughout the day. I don't eat due to many things. the major factor being success. I strive for it and honestly can say I choose it over all. Due to my (beautiful mind) mindset. This effects me in many ways when it comes to my weight. Im guessing from a DR's point of view it can cause high levels of stress along with anxiety etc etc etc I also suffer from sleeping but that's another story. I take zero prescriptions and never was a hardcore drug user. I smoke marijuana regularly and always have since i was 16 years old and im confident that has nothing to do with this. It doesn't make me hungry or not hungry. To me i dont really pay much attention to the weight loss or take much notice to it. After I realized its effecting my family I also realized almost daily i get told how much weight ive lost. Ive been to a stomach doctor who never really took it much further than a few visits and time wasted. I have no time to waste on this so I truely am just looking for where to go, who to see or what to do. I appreciate any advice from anyone who can give it.
    marshagal replied to Michael12188's response:
    Stimulate appetite by filling it with hard to digest foods? That makes no sense. I say try the opposite, fruits, veggies and rich meats!
    rrobinn responded:
    exerise monica
    rrobinn responded:
    Well Monica, Don't be upset, I think you should change your daily routine do you go for morning walk or evening walk? I recommend you do swimming because this is the best exercise for body and this increase hunger. And to lose fat I suggest you to use extract of pure garcinia cambogia extract as this will convert your fats in energy.

    Hope after starting swimming you will fine.

    Best of luck !

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