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trying to stay strong
kaybunn posted:
this week has been extremely emotional to say the least. finally, definitely have so much to talk about.

right now im trying to work on this "portion control" thing, which is the total opposite of what my mind is used to. its terrible for right now. i just started this today, and im hoping it will get easier as the days pass by. my issue with this portion control thinking is because my eating disordered mind has always been black in white. either im going to eat it ALL, or im going to not eat anything. and right now, it feels like im doubly suffering because i not only have to eat, but i cant eat that much.

im trying to just drink water between meals. and my biggest problem is that i stay up extremely late which is when i do the most damage with my ED. so not only do i have to change my eating routine, i have to change my sleeping routine so i dont binge late at night.

this is a completely tough transition, but my life and my health are at stake. i know i have to change my ways in order to have a healthy, and somewhat sane life. encouragement and advice are greatly appreciated at this time! and i will post up a dicussion tomorrow filling everyone in on how my therapy goes. wish me luck! :)
Oopsla responded:
Are you posting on the dieting boards? They might be very helpful in what to do and how to do it properly.

One thing that I used to do was keep a few of those tiny portion boxes of raisins. Pop on or two raisins in each 1/2 hour just to keep the blood sugar level from up enough so my body didn't start screaming at me. Course now I'd think to have 1/2 a walnut and a raisin given the health benefits.

Take care of yourself. The weight didn't get put on in a day so don't try to take it off in a day. A slow healthy approach really does work. It is also Spring! Get out and enjoy the weather.
kaybunn replied to Oopsla's response:
the problem is im not even overweight. i didnt put on any weight, this is just a way to keep me sane so i dont throw up. but like every other thing i have tried, this tactic isnt working either. im starting to lose it. everything i eat i just want to get rid of it. no matter what it is. i havent purged much at all lately but the thought of not doing it is making me so miserable
Oopsla replied to kaybunn's response:
Have you thought about why eating/food makes you feel bad? In your mind do you say, "If I eat this I will get fat?".

Are there ways to recondition your mind to accept food for positive reasons?

Can you name some positives?

Religions use prayer beads to impact the words into the brain. You may want to also try some steps to get positives running though the gray matter.
msp36 responded:
Its funny that you mentioned late night hours as the time when youre more apt to binge. There has been thousands of times when I wait for everyone in the house fall asleep then get my binge on in secrete. I find that I have a cumpulsion to binge when I first awake either from a nap or my night's sleep my resistence is low as well, I need to concentrate on these two areas.

Once again having somwhere to post is good because any imput that I can get is welcomed

Have a good day

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