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Job Health form advice
Sus5anS posted:
Hi guys, I wanted your opinion on something.

I got a good job in another state, and I have to fill out a health form - it's one of those jobs where you live onsite and is in a state park, which is why they need the form.

Anyway, on it is an area where it has for you to check any medical problems/history you have, and one of the options is Anorexia/Bulimia.

I was actively bulimic for a couple of years, but I haven't purged since 2002 and haven't binged since probably 2003. (I hope that gives you hope if you're having a hard time right now).

Anyway, for me it is part of my history, but not anything that is currently relevent. Likewise though, I checked the box for pneumonia even though I had it in 2003. So my initial thought is to check the bulimia box, because I do have a history of it and I shouldn't need to lie on a health form, but my mom tells me I shouldn't.

What do you guys think? I'm not checking the psychiatriac illness box and putting down that I had problems with depression, because that's also something that I haven't had issues with in many years and I don't want them to treat me weird. I guess bulimia would fall under the same category? I don't know.

If I do check the box, I'm going to explain that it hasn't been a problem for years (i.e. I wrote Pneumonia occured in 2003). So I'd probably put something like Bulimia cured in 2002, but then I don't know if that's even the right terminology, since my old shrink told me that there are studies that show eating disorders affect the brain like alcoholism, so in that case it wouldn't be cured, you always have it, right? I don't know.

So I'd love to hear your feedback. They don't need to know I was bulimic, but at the same time I don't keep it a secret if it comes up, and I don't want there to be any repricussions if I say an offhand comment at some point and they call me on the fact that I didn't put it down.

Thanks, and if you have any questions for me regarding the whole getting over the binging and purging, or anything at all, feel free to ask. I'm a really open person.

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lostkate responded:
I have filled out forms for medical info, sometimes they have eating disorders and sometimes they dont. Same with depression. I never checked them off. For one thing, its none of their business, it doesn't affect my job, so why check it.

For you it was in the past, its not who you are today. There is no reason to bring it up.

Thats just me.

Oopsla replied to lostkate's response:
I'd ask a lawyer. Medical histories can be tricky with employers. Let's say you have traumatic accident which causes you to have a relapse in the depression. You get into a legal dispute with your employer. Who will turn over every stone to discredit you. Lying on the form certainly work in their favor.

I do believe, like Kate, most of the crap is none of their business. Certain things like allergic to bees, penicillin, etc. is one thing. Your troubled adolescent years... ? Oi!

They are basically trying to cover their butt, a prenuptial of sorts. You should too. I am not saying that you need to get a high powered legal team but just have a legal person or you check the web about worker rights, contracts, and stuff.

In general the more truthful you are the better off you'll be legally. I'd also check to be sure that this form is to be confidential and in no way will impact you getting the job. If it has the possibility of canning the job. Screw em, jobs are tough to find right now. But I opt for truthfulness as most often as possible.

I do hope the job works out. It sounds really cool. I am happy for you.
Sus5anS replied to Oopsla's response:
Thanks for the advice.

It's a good point - I wasn't planning on putting anything down for the psych issue box. Sure, I had a problem with depression and was suicidal at some point in my life, but that was a full decade ago now. What difference does it make to them? Even if there was a traumatic event, I highly doubt it would be an issue - my mom almost died from cancer a couple years ago and I still didn't slip back into depression, so I think it's safe to say I'm cured. (Besides, is there anyone who did make it through adolescence without depression at some point?)

Anyway, I guess I should follow the same thing for the eating disorder history. It doesn't affect my job, it doesn't affect me, so they don't need to know. I always leave the depression off because I don't want people to treat me a certain way or read into things (i.e. I sometimes cry, like normal people, and it doesn't mean I'm depressed, I'm just having a bad day). Likewise, I could see how they might do the same thing for the ED (i.e. Sometimes I'm just not hungry, like normal people, and it doesn't mean a thing).

I think this is the first time I've had it on a form like this before.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. As far as the lawyer thing though, isn't the fact I've been treated for depression or anything else confidential anyway? I mean, they'd be able to see records that I saw a shrink at my university off and on, but isn't the reasons why covered under patient confidentiality? Like I said before, I doubt it will come up, but I would think it's my personal business anyway.

Thanks again. :)
msp36 replied to Sus5anS's response:
I would'nt mention the ED if I absolutly did not have to. We all know how bad the economy is right now. This puts employers at a hireing advantage in that there is no shortage of talent in the unemployment line. And mentioning an ED just be that one thing that weeds you out of contentention for a job.With me you would never know I have a serious ED if I didn't tell you.
LaurelRamage responded:
The only time I ever disclosed the ED on any kind of form was to my dentist and doctor.

I made the choice to tell my boss about my bulimia, simply for another form of support. But I am still in recovery, if it was a past issue I would never have brought it up...

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