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An_200927 posted:
I have dealt with depression for 12 yrs. I have always been on the thin side. Lately my depression has started to kick into high gear...leaving me with a poor appetite. I am 5'2.5" and my weight ranges from 104-110.
Now that I am seeing some lbs shed off since I am not eating a whole lot...I'm liking it. I used to always say I wanted to go on a diet and drop down to 101lbs but was too lazy to diet. But now I really want to be about 98 lbs maybe 95 lbs. I want my face to be angular, I want to be able wrap my fingers around my upper arm, I want to see my collar bones stick out.

I am now purposely not eating until I am so hungry that my stomach grumbles in protest..and even then I will limit my intake or try to ignore it. I just want to get to that goal weight. I want to feel thin and pretty.

I just want to know if there is a way to be able to stop after I hit my goal weight. Thanks.
lostkate responded:
You are walking a thin, dangerous line. Be careful. For me, dieting is where it all started, I started looking good, feeling good and then got out of control. I went from 5'3'' 155lbs to 120lbs. in less than six months. I have been able to maintain that weight but have been lower. You say you want to feel thin and pretty. Dieting the way you are is not going to make you feel very good about anything. It will probably make your depression worse. Try working on the inside, instead what you see on the outside.

There is no special way of stopping the way you are dieting other than don't start this method. Don't wait until last minute to eat, you will feel loss of energy, headaches, dizzy, none of that feels good. Maybe try eating smaller meals with healthy snacks in between.

I hope I helped, I am not that good at this stuff but more people will response soon. Keep writing an tell us how you are doing.

Oopsla responded:
Dear Anon,

Number one priority:
Do NOT be wishy-washy. Is it 101, 98, or 95? You will get down to say... 98 and then say maybe 93 or 92. And then further and further. Don't do it.

I say... 101 for you. Regardless what you choose, stick with it. Tattoo it in your brain. There is NO REASON for you to get lighter then that. I do not care what you tell yourself. There is no reason. So pick a number and be firm with it. If you go below it you simply eat more.

What have you done to deal with your depression? I try to stay active and get some sun in my life as much as possible. It seems to help. Understand that people who suffer from an eating disorder get there because of other troubles such as depression. You must be doubly careful that you do not slip.

As for angular cheeks. You know... I wish my face was full. After so many years being thin I can eat a lot and my face still look gaunt. I should caution you that you should love the look you have. There is much to be said about having a healthy radiance about you. Life's not all about being chiseled.

Best of luck to you,
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Kate and Oopsla gave some great advice. I, too, would be concerned that you'd hit one target and decide you can do just one more pound, then one more and one more. It's a very slippery slope.

It sounds like you need more help than you are getting for your depression. Are you in regular therapy? Are you on any medication.

Please discuss all of this with your doctor and find out what s/he thinks is a healthy weight for you. You may already be where you need to be to stay within a healthy weight. I know that's not what you want to hear but please get the help you need and deserve.

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