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msp36 posted:
I am posting because it helps and I need somthing to do. I went 48 hours with out purging- yeaaa!! But i purged twice yesterday- boo!!! But thats what life is like some yeas! some Boos!! Some days rock some days suck. Itried eatig negative calorie foods last week.Bought some radishes and some brocoli, and some cabbage.

If you plan on having a social life don't do this. The gas was awful! In one respect it was healthy, but if you drive your friends and familly away with nautious emminations then you can end up lonley.

The weather here is stupendous! I i could bottle it and send it abroad, I would.

Everyone have a good day
lostkate responded:
Dont think of the Boos, think of yeaa!!. Little steps you take will turn into big steps. Go slow. 48hrs is great.

Keep trying, you can do it.

Oopsla responded:
Just after you write, "noxious emanations" you talk about bottling the weather around you ... I don't know MSP. I just may have to pass on your joyous 'gift' of good weather. (attempt at humor)

Congrats on the 2 days.

I watched Lord of the Rings series this weekend. Were Gollum has a relationship with the ring, withered his body and soul to an unrecognizable figure. And the ring ultimately destroyed him. I could not help but see a correlation between us and ED. How Frodo might of been lost without the help of Samwise. And how even after the ring was destroyed it forever changed their lives.

I am glad that you take the time to plug a few words down MSP. I do hope you are having luck with finding a clinic.

msp36 replied to Oopsla's response:
That is funny how you used a Lord of the Rings analogy, I have often felt that my "precious" is calling me from the refrigerator. We hatses our precious! I didnot purge yesterday which make 3 out of 7 days which is a mile stone for me. Thanks all for the words of encouragement, it honestly does make a difference.

Have a great day

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i hate my life! I"LL ALWAYS HATE MY LIFE!!!!

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