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stomach problems from my eating disorder are scaring me
ivymaef posted:
i have had bulemia for 7 years and ive thrown up pretty much every day. Until recently it hasnt caused me any problems. the past few weeks i cant eat as much as i used to, i have sharp pains in my stomach. and i feel like im full when i barely ate at all. it hurts keep food down. im worried it could be something wrong. but dont want to go to a doctor until i get some opinions from people who know what they're talking about or have been through this.
shinedown responded:
Hi-I have been bulimic for over 25 years. When I was in my 20's I binged and purged most days, several times a day. I remember having sharp stomach pain at times and feeling like my stomach lining was raw if that makes sense but it never hurt to keep food down. About a year ago I started to worry about the possible damage I may have caused my stomach and esophagus over the years even though I wasn't having any symptoms.

I decided that instead of worrying about the possibility of something being wrong I would get it checked out and get some peace of mind. I had a Gastrointerologist scope everything from my esophagus to my colon and everything ended up being fine. After my checkup I decided enough was enough and I had the doctor refer me to a counselor who specialized in Eating disorders. I am still seeing her and I am making slow but steady progress.

I would encourage you to see a doctor that you feel comfortable sharing your eating disorder history with. If they feel that you need to be scoped make sure they refer you to a gastrointerologist as they spend years being trained in these type of procedures. The procedure is painless and over before you know it.

I wish I could give you a more definite answer but for me just knowing what was or wasn't wrong was a relief and from there I was ready to say enough is enough and finally get into therapy with an ED Specialist.

I know you have the courage to seek help and you will feel much better addressing the problem. Please keep us updated on your situation.
Oopsla replied to shinedown's response:
Please see a doctor. My guess (which is ONLY a guess) is that you sprained your diaphragm or some tore some interconnective tissues/ligaments.

And please listen to Shinedown.

Maybe this is the time to turn over a new leaf Ivy?
Lainey_WebMD_Staff replied to Oopsla's response:
Oopsla is very right. Please contact your doctor.
ivymaef replied to shinedown's response:
you all are right. ive been scared to go to a doctor but it needs to be done. so thank u on your imput. i plan on making a doctors appointment soon. my health insurance is shakey but maybe i'll find something.
Lainey_WebMD_Staff replied to ivymaef's response:
Hi ivymaef, You can go to any emergency room and they will send you to urgent care, which may help. Please keep us updated.

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