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What's wrong with me?
Daisy1986 posted:
I am trying to figure out what is wrong with me. A few weeks ago I decided to start eating only once a day. For some reason I feel the need to be skinnier, even though I was only 120lbs (5'4") I am now down to 110lb which is where I wanted to be. However, I can't get myself to want to eat now and feel self destruction heading my way. I know that what I am doing to my body is harmful and I am very much so seeing the side effects. (Irritable, blurry vision, and pains all over my body) I'm concerned, but afraid to get help because I feel stupid. I know what I'm doing is bad, but can't stop and it's very frustrating. So my question is, am I suffering from an eating disorder or is there something else wrong given I want to eat, but just can't. I know this sounds stupid, and I understand that people will respond and say "just eat something", but it's not that simple. I hope someone out there can point me in the right direction and help me kick this thing.

Thank you
Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Daisy1986,

Welcome to the community. Please feel free to post or join discussions. The community can be a little slow but filled with caring support.

WebMD has an Anorexia Health Center that has information about symptoms. Here is a quote:

"Common feelings and actions that are linked to anorexia nervosa include:
Having an intense fear of gaining weight.
Restricting food or types of food, such as food that contains any kind of fat or sugar.
Weighing less than 85% of your expected body weight. (In a child or teen, losing or not gaining weight during a growth spurt is a concern.)
Seeing your body as overweight, in spite of being underweight. This is called having a distorted body image.
Being secretive around food and not seeing or wanting to talk about having a problem with eating or weight loss.

Some people who have anorexia also make themselves vomit or use laxatives or diuretics to lose weight (bulimia). Breakdown of the enamel on the teeth is a common symptom of long-term vomiting.

Common physical signs of malnutrition from anorexia include:3

A low body weight.
Constipation and slow emptying of the stomach.
Thinning hair, dry skin, and brittle nails.
Shrunken breasts.
Stopping or never getting a monthly menstrual period.
Feeling cold, with a lower-than-normal body temperature.
Low blood pressure.
A slow heartbeat (fewer than 60 beats a minute).
Not feeling pain as you normally would.
Purplish skin color on the arms and legs from poor blood circulation.
Swollen feet and hands.
Yellow-orange skin, especially on the palms of the hands."

Your doctor can help you with medication and counseling. Please let us know if you need anything including just a place to vent.

Soft hugs,

kathycornflakes responded:
HI Daisy- I don't think anyone here will tell you "just eat." Most of us know it is way more complicated than that. You need to tell someone what you are thinking/feeling. Can you find a counselor or therapist to talk to? If you are beginning to feel physical discomfort, that is concerning. The numbers on the scale are not a full measurement of health. Do you know what drove you to be 110b? I am glad you are aware that this pattern coule be dangerous and that you are looking for help now. Please reach out to someone soon. Stay healthy and well. : )
Daisy1986 replied to kathycornflakes's response:
Hi Kathy,

Yeah one of my close friends has stepped in to help me. She's going to go to my counseling sessions and everything with me. A few days ago I was really lost, but since talking to her I feel like I could get better.

I know exactly what drove me to my goal weight. I was a gymnast my whole life and recently I have lost my muscle mass and gained fat. It freaks me out and I feel like I need to be thin again. It's not right and I know I'm thin either way, but I can't just tell myself that and have it be enough. I guess that's why this disease is so frustrating.

Thanks for your response and I can assure you I will do my best to stay healthy.


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