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Do I have an eating disorder?
naturschonheit posted:
Hi, my name is Magi. I'm 19 years old, and currently having issues with food. I was prescribed Prozac for 2 years, due to having a panic disorder and depression (I was diagnosed with PMDD, also), as well as a minor obsessive compulsive disorder. I haven't taken Prozac since 2009, but now I find myself struggling to eat. There's good food in my house, at restaurants, in the store, everywhere I go. But it's like, when I try and bring myself to eat it, I get extremely nauseated. I know my stomach has shrunk due to lack of eating, I'm 5'4 and weigh only 103lbs, while the average weight for someone my size is usually around 130-140lbs. I read online that Prozac is also used to treat bulimia and anorexia (anorexia if taken at night). I noticed Prozac had some reverse effects on my OCD during, but afterwards, I feel it has gotten worse, as well as my frequent panicking and near mental-breakdowns. I don't know, I may be being a hypochondriac, but I have no health insurance, and really need some guidance. And no, I don't see anything wrong with the way I look, I'm obviously not overweight, and I find myself to be very beautiful. I just can't eat. Thanks for any insight, I really appreciate it. Also, could this be some sort of gastric problem (hence the nausea)? Lastly, I feel that I should add that I do smoke marijuana. I usually have no problems eating after doing so. I don't know if that's inappropriate to say on here, but I feel it's necessary in order for someone to understand my whole problem. Once again, thank you so much!
icedance1 responded:
Hi new here too. i have been struggling from anorexia for 8 years You could be devoloping an eating disorder or you could just be not eating because your meds can make you not hungry i suffer from seizures as well. My meds make me naushious and feel not well. Sound like you have self esteme problems . You may want to see a dr. Email me if you ever want to talk

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