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How do I start conversation?
An_240205 posted:
I have been worried that my daughter might be suffering from an eatting disorder. I discussed it with her Pediatrician, who pooh poohed me and my daughter states she does not have a problem. Today the guidence counselor at HS called and said another student reported that my daughter has been throwing up after lunch. Any suggestions on how to start a dialog and get her into therapy?
momuv4girls responded:
Bulimia is very, very secretive and it took me some investigation to confirm my daughter was indeed doing it.

I would inspect the toilet, and monitor her bathroom habits without her knowing it. I did confirm she was bulimic and I asked her about it. She denied it to no end. She said she had done it, but stopped. That was not true, she was continuing, but became more sneaky about it, by throwing up in the shower.

Bulimia is very dangerous because the person's vitals can be at dangerous levels and you (or her) would have no idea.

I would first suggest finding a pediatrician who "specializes" in eating disorders. I called many pedi's offices and inquired, it took awhile, but I found one. Next, I would make an appointment w/the Dr. (without your daughter there) and discuss your concerns. Next step would be to bring your daughter in.
I actually made an appt., didn't tell my daughter, but when she came home from school, I took her in. I told her she had a Dr. appt. and we were going - period. They did bloodwork, and EKG etc..and found her to be very ill, even though she didn't look it.
I urge you to find a Dr. who will listen to you and take you seriously, this illness is deadly.

Next step is to find a clinic in your area that specializes in Eating disorders. They should have a psychologist on-board who should see your daughter.

I know there is a lot of research and time involved for you, but your daughter is worth it and you need to find professionals who are well versed in eating disorders to help her heal.

You can also call your local hospitals and inquire about specialists who work with Eating disorder patients.

I will paste some links for you to explore and they open some doors for you!!

Take care, and write back anytime for help and/or support.
An_241320 replied to momuv4girls's response:
Hi to both of you,

I want to tell you both that I think it is great what you have been trying to do to help your daughters. Although I would have lied and been totally uncooperative if my mother would have confronted me on my eating disorder when I was a child/ that I am 30 and have been battling an eating disorder since I was a young girl I wish I would have gotten help and support then.

This is not an easy thing to fight and can be devastating for family members who have to watch the struggle... honestly I can't imagine how hard it has been for both of you and I think it is great that you looking for resources and support.

Hope you are both doing well and that your daughters are doing well also.

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