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Kind of lost
An_241097 posted:
Really quick as my chilren are waiting for me to come snuggle... I am suffering from buliema... I starting purging my food at age 15 now 29 I am still doing it ... with more "need" to rid my body of the food I eat. I hate my apperence and it is affecting my ability to be affectionate with my husband of 10 years. I have now developed this issue of thinking their is hair in my food. A huge issue for me, so now I instantly think hair is in my food easier not to eat... and it sets my gag reflex..(not a good thing I assume) I want to beat this, but I dont want to be fat... I already am. I just need help... Please sorry and thank you
momuv4girls responded:
You owe it to yourself, your children and your husband to get healthy - - you deserve to be happy.

I urge you to seek treatment so you can feel better. There are Dr.s who specialize in eating disorders and who CAN help you.

I will pass along some links, please look into them, and if you need help finding local treatment, I'd be happy to research some options for you dear. You can just write back with your city and state and I'll do some looking for you.

One thing to consider also is that eating disorders are often times passed along to the children - - meaning they can be pre-disposed to the illness thru genetics.

My husbands family is riddled with females who have anorexia/bulima and my daughter is bulimic.

You need to get healthy and learn to understand the illness so you can teach your children how to eat healthy and feel good about food.

Take care!!!
scarlettmae responded:
Please know your not alone...I'm a mom, too, and have struggled with anorexia for many years. If you havent talked to your husband about your purging, then you need to asap! Secrecy keeps us sick, isolated, and emotionally unavailable to those we love the most!
lostkate responded:
Hi Im a Mom here too, who has dealt with being anorexic for many years. You should consider going to talk(maybe therapist) to someone. They can help you on how to approach your husband with what is going on. I know how scary that can be. ScarlettMae is right, your not alone, this can be very isolating and keep us from those we love the most.

Hang in there.
(((Hugs))), if thats ok

An_241199 replied to lostkate's response:
I have been going to ABA meetings they have phone meetings as well. Although it is a really rough road I finally found a place where people really "get" me and understand my struggles. For the first time in my life I have gone 30 days with NO eating disordered behaviors.
lostkate replied to An_241199's response:
Thats great!!! You are on the right path, stick to it. I glad you have the meeting, I tried a meeting but it was hard to get to them, they were early morning on the weekends and far away. You should be very proud of yourself, 30 days.

Keep posting and let me know how you doing.

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