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Why do people comment on people's weight?
An_241320 posted:
I am looking for a little support, encouragement and reminder that recovery is worth it. I have been battling an eating disorder for yearsâ?¦ most of my lifeâ?¦ and recently have been doing better than ever and more consistent for the longest period ever but my urges to turn back to my eating disorder are getting stronger. The urges are always there and strong â?¦ but I have been doing a good job managing them recently. Then the last few weeks people have started making comments about my weight (people who do not know about my eating disorder history)â?¦ last week the comments got frequent and very in-depth which has my eating disorder going crazy in my headâ?¦

I have started giving in to small urges and I know I don't want to spiral back â?¦ I know that I have been happy that I have been doing better but the urges are really starting to get to me and they are getting stronger and strongerâ?¦ I don't understand the comments people have been making because I haven't seen my weight in a few years and can not judge it at all .... but the comments are totally triggering meâ?¦ I don't know if they are true or not ... only my dietitian knows if they are true and we haven't been able to talk about it yet...

I am annoyed that simple comments that wouldn't make a person without an eating disorder think twice have my head going in every possible direction...
lostkate responded:
Recovery is worth it, for yourself and your health. I know how hard it is when people comment on your weight, it makes my head spin too. I lost a lot weight, kept it off for over a year, started gaining it and people tell me how healthy I am. Thats a big trigger for me, I can go either way, keep gaining or just stop eating. Im still in holding my own but really want to stop eating. People who dont have an eating disorder have no idea what we go through.

Hang in there.

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