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Should I tell someone?
shelbaloo001 posted:
So, This will sound strange but here it goes. I think my mom is proud of the weight I have loss, even though I have done it in such a extreme way. When my parents first confronted me about my disorder my mom acted jealous and that is the reason I do not want to tell her again. I am at college now but I am spinning out of control and I now have developed depression as well. There is only one person here that knows my secret and that is because he went to the same high school as me and he is my best friend. I want to get help but I do not want my parents to find out. My school offers free counselling but if I tell them what is up they will tell my parents because of a form I filled out at the beginning of my semester. What I want to know is if I should tell other people around me or should I keep it a secret. I don't want people to know and look at me like im crazy, I just dont want head down the road im going and not be able to get back.
JustAnotherGirl83 responded:
What sort of form did you fill out? How old are you? If you're over 18 I would suggest looking in to getting rid of that form some how... could you ask the folks at the counseling center about it?
lostkate replied to JustAnotherGirl83's response:
I agree with JustAnotherGirl83, I would go talk to the counseling center about it. If you 18yrs, depending on the form, no one can legal tell your parents about anything at school. You would have to give permission, if thats the form you mean.
lostkate responded:
Im sorry I posted to soon. You dont need to tell anyone about anything unless you feel comfortable to tell them. Its hard to talk about secrets, only when you are ready to talk and you will know when your ready. Everyone is different, no one knows about my eating disorder, at least I have never said anything, only to my therapist.
shelbaloo001 replied to JustAnotherGirl83's response:
Well, the form is to let my parents know like everything if they ask, but I was looking up the counseling program and they say if I am harming myself in anyway they will have to inform a parent or guardian. I am over 18 so I was hoping that if I said they couldn't they wouldn't. I just don't want my parents to worry is all. Well, I can give it a try.

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