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Help me please....
Anon_10175 posted:
um i need help and i dont know where to turn or what to do... i am an over eater.... my eating has gotten way out of control, im 23 5"3 and weigh over 300.... and if that was my only issue... i would be lucky, im also very depressed, suicidal, i make myself vomit all the time... i use alcohol and weed to help me feel normal... im a mess, and im sitting here freaking out with absolutly no one to turn to... i dont want to kill myself but im afraid if something doesnt happen... i just dont know... does anyone know if there is a treatment center that specializes in overeating in the florida area... i have blue cross blue sheild insurance but i havnt been to a doc in over 10 years....

thank you for your time
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Kay and welcome here,

I think it would be a good idea to start by seeing a doctor and contacting your insurance to find out what is available to you there in Florida.

But beyond that and beyond posting here, I really encourage you to pursue therapy. We often eat (or not eat or drink, etc.) because of underlying issues in our lives and those can take time and work to sort through.

You need and deserve some real support.

Coming here was a good first step. You are not alone. Now it's time to take a few more steps.

And if you ever need help keeping yourself safe, please call a crisis line .
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
~Christopher Robin to Pooh
besmith75 responded:
You do have someone to turn to...this board...and that was your first step. You aren't a are simply human. We all have our ways of dealing with issues and I think more often than not (although some may not agree) they are not generally healthy. I myself am a former cocaine user, bulimic, and self harmer...but I am learning that I am not alone. I think that you should google something to the effect of 'binge eating therapy in Florida' and go from there. Anyone and everyone on this board will support you in what you do. I know that I'm behind you in this. I'm trying to get healthy as well. Please keep us updated on your status. You'll be amazed at how many stories you read that are similar to your own. You have the strength, Kay. And through me, you have the support. Take care of yourself.

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