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grammagirl posted:
I am so fat i can't stand myself. i have never been this fat before. A while back i started eating ice cream every day. It was like an obsession. It would be a large bowl. I would have trouble finishing it but did not give up.And when ever i am home alone i think now i can eat whatever i want. I sometimes wish every one would go out for a while so i can eat again. I wake up in the night and if no one else is awake i sometimes eat again. Even at supper i eat huge amts. So much that i will eat some of it before any one sees my plate. I can go all day and not eat until 5 or 6pm. I can share a restaurant meal with a friend and be completely satisfied. All i want to do is eat. Eat now in case i can't eat later. I feel guilty eating sometimes when no one else is eating. What do i do.
lostkate responded:
Is there something that happen around the time this all started that is making you eat like this. Most eating disorder come from something in our lives that make us turn to food for forget about it or this is way we deal with it. Its just not a healthy way. Some people turn to comfort food to make ourselves feel better but to do it in excessive like you are, there could be more too it than just comfort food. Have you tried talking to a friend or someone close to you for help or advice?
grammagirl replied to lostkate's response:
thank you lostkate; I do not seem to get any feedback from my friend. I think she does not know what to say.She had gastric bypass over a yr. ago and the wt. is starting to come back and maybe she feels she is not a good person to give good advise. I will start trying to find a dietition or therapist in my area that i can talk to. Until i read about others i thought i just had to suck it up and behave myself.Thankful i found this site. Have a great day.
lostkate replied to grammagirl's response:
Hi gramma,

Sometimes the people close to us, dont know what to say or how to help. They want to help but they just dont know how to help. Thats were a therapist can help, look for one that has some experiences with eating disorders. Its good that you are talking about it. Your not alone in your struggles, you dont need to suck it up. This board has been slow lately but there are more out there that feel the same way you do.


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