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I dont know whats wrong with me
An_250779 posted:

I moved to an entirely different country 1.5 years ago and was under a lot of stress in school and with the beginning it didnt change the way I ate, but between January and July 2012, I stopped having lunch in school. The reason why? I was alone and I was scared to sit alone in the canteen and eat my food. I was also studying during my breaks and often forgot to eat. It was only much later that I realised I missed lunch, because my stomach would growl.
Ive lost 10kg since then. I am skinny and have lost all curves. I feel week and insecure and ugly all the time. All I really want to do is gain weight but it isnt working.
Its not working because after these 6 months, I havent been able to put on any weight. I cant eat anymore. I have no appetite and cant look at food. I feel like puking when I think of eating. I try to avoid the school canteen because I dont like the smells.
Ive been taking pills for the past 2 weeks to increase my appetite and ive been trying to eat as much as I can...especially when im with my family or with friends. As soon as im alone...i forget and i cant eat.

Ive tried to look up what this means...what type of eating disorder. I cant find anything.
And I will go and see the doctor soon, but Id just like to know what this is before I go...just to be sure that I cant help myself before getting help.
Can anybody help me?
motivated21 responded:
From personal knowledge your body is so used to not eating that chances are your stomach has shrunk and your body can't tell when it's hungry. I'm anorexic trying to recover and sometimes i forget to eat because i'm not hungry. I can't rely on the hunger signals that other people can rely on. Have you tried seeing a nutritionist? They could help you gain the weight and guide you in the right direction.I see one and i have a meal plan... once you start eating regular meals for awhile then your body starts having those hunger signals again. So you'll begin to feel hungry after awhile. I don't know if i helped at all but i hope you can figure out what's going on.

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