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Chewing food too long...
Worried60 posted:
I have a nine year old Son and since about six weeks ago it"s been chewing his food for longer periods of time, than he goes to the bathroom sink and trows away the food; what can I do to encorage him no to do this?

He use to be chubby and my first thought is that he was bullied @ school. he"s been loosing weight of course, but htis is not the way I want him to loose it.
alloen responded:
honestly, you need to talk to your son. tell him you're worried about him because you love him and he shouldn't be doing that. you should also ask if he was bullied --my own eating disorder began at his age because i was bullied for my weight (rather, for being underweight for a physical illness though). even if the school, in all honesty, cannot do much, you should talk to him anyway. reassure him that anything they told him is false, and do not mention his weight unless absolutely necessary --if he is this highly conscious of it, anything you say could be twisted and taken as negative.

most importantly, be patient and calm with him. if you get angry, it won't do anything. if it is an eating disorder (which it sounds like), you need to stop the behavior as soon as possible, and focus on what caused it to begin so you can solve or alleviate it in a way he won't have to resort to his eating disorder.

if you'd like to talk more privately, you could email me at --that, or i'll be getting emails telling me you've responded to my post here.

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