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An unusual one
coughymaker posted:
Hi, I am a 40 year old male. About 14 months ago I began having some abdominal pain. Couldn't eat anything for days without vomiting. Wife wanted me to go to the hospital but I am terrified of doctors so I waited it out. After a couple of weeks the pain eased up, but I still could not eat. Eating very small amounts would make me feel very full, and soon set off a coughing fit that ends in vomiting. I have no energy and sit at my computer after work falling asleep. To stop this I began taking care of all laundry, dishes, sweeping, mopping and yard work. I am enjoying the weight loss, but I know I can't keep it up forever. I'm 6'2 and have dropped from 305 to 170. I would probably weigh less but for some reason I can sometimes tolerate one bowl of breakfast cereal. Sometimes it tastes so good I just have to have another and it makes me sick. I am so messed up I don't even know what my question is.

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Guess these are my choices..
  • Wait it out until I become obviously scrawny
  • Stop being afraid and go to the hospital
  • Make an appointment with a family doctor
  • What are you complaining about? The pain stopped, go do dishes
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An_254949 responded:
I was anorexic in my teens but stopped at 20. I lied to myself and others so I could get out of eating. To make a long story short I was put in the hospital to have the feeding tube inserted so I could get some nutrition in me. I was mad at the doctor for trying to put weight on me and I was only 87 pounds! I am 140 normally. A doctor was visiting from NY and came in my room. He didn't say much but checked my heart, etc. Then he got up to leave and I'll never forget what he said, "Eat Or Die". And he walked out. It snapped me out of anorexia and I ate from that day on. I didn't want to die but I was leaving the doctor no choice. I feel much better now at my normal weight. Good Luck..
keleee responded:
Pain plus weight loss is a sign of cancer so go to the doctor ASAP.
coughymaker replied to An_254949's response:
I appreciate the replies, thank you. Sometimes I think it may be going that direction. Going to read up some more.
Thanks again

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