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Losing much weight
fourtyfourcounting posted:
I am 44, eat 4-5 big meals a day, and losing weight fast. I am prior military and have always been very active my whole life. Along with weight loss my eyes are getting worse and seems like just overnight. Is cancer a possibility?
bigred53 responded:
Have you been to the doctor and had a physical including blood work lately?

Before I was officially diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I lost a lot of weight and I was eating everything in sight. I was also drinking gallons of water (it seemed). My eyesight also got a little strange too.

I am not a medical professional but IMO I think there is a strong possibility that you are a Type 2 diabetic. A simple blood test can confirm whether you are or aren't. Additionally a person does not have to be overweight to have Type 2 diabetes.

Get checked out. I wish you much luck. Type 2 diabetes is very controllable with the right medication and proper diet and exercise.

fourtyfourcounting replied to bigred53's response:
Hmmm. I do drink and drink and drink. Never seems to be enough. Did your eyes get better? In 44 years I have only known my 17 year old niece to have diabetes. I have begun exercises like treadmill. Im just freaking out. Thank you for sharing the information and best of luck to you also.
bigred53 replied to fourtyfourcounting's response:
After I was diagnosed and got medication and my sugar numbers started going down my eyes got worse for a while. It takes your eyes a while to get used to less sugar in the blood. My blood sugar was over 400 at the time I was diagnosed - way too high. I was lucky in that I had a co-worker who told me what would happen with my eyes. They returned to normal after a month or so. Don't go running to the optomitrist right away because you could be wasting your money.

You could always go to Wal-Mart and get one of their glucose meters and test strips. First thing in the morning your Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG) should be under 100. I test before I even get out of bed. Then test two hours after a meal and your bg should be 140 or under. These numbers are for non-diabetics. Since I've been at this for almost eight years and medicated my numbers are within range most of the time.

It really does sound to me like you have all of the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes so make an appointment with your doctor and get tested. If it turns out that you are diabetic go over to the Diabetes Community here on WebMd and you will get lots of help and good information. That is where I learned the most.

Good luck to you!!


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