Wanting to get pregnant after finishing lupron
AshleyWalling posted:
I am 23 years old and in November of 09 my Gyno suggested that i have a laparscopic procedure to see if i had endometriosis because i had severe cramps. Well they did the procedure and it turned out that i had severe endometriosis. So they cauterized as much as they could and the dr. said that luckily the endometriosis didnt get to my tubes or my ovaries and they looked perfect! So i started on Lupron injections in november and i have to take them once a month for 6 months. I take my last one in April and me and my husband want to start trying for a baby right after. The dr. said she wants me to see a fertility specialist after im done with my shots to help increase my chances of getting pregnant but we really cant afford a fertility specialist so i was wondering if anyone was able to get pregnant on thier own with endometriosis?
hopeful2218 responded:
Poo on your doc...after the Lupron...just get down to business!!!! The BEST time to conceive is actually after a surgery...but you also have a good shot with after the Lupron..I actually did get pregnant on Lupron, and they said I would have troubles concieving...so you try on your own..track your cycles..and don't be afraid that you may not get a period for a couple of months..but keep trying during this time. Sometimes it takes a bit for our ovaries to "wake" up again..and start expelling an egg.

Your young...you've got a lot on your side on trying to conceive...so just go for it. Fertility doc's are expensive..so give it a try all natural for about six months..if you don't have any luck...then revisit the idea about a fertility doc.

Best wishes to you and your hubby!!!!!!
brandib01 responded:
i agree. i got PG twice with endo. it is not impossible it can be done just can be a little more difficult. and like amanda said. try it the easier way for awhile and there are many other plain options to try first outside of the specialist. if you are still not PG i think they said after 6 months(correct me if im wrong) of having a normal cycle to move onto a specialist. i have not because i know what needs to be done but i am working on it slowly but surely.

i know everything will work out for you...
deal14 responded:
I say forget the fertility doc! My GYN who said we should have kids while my tubes/ovaries are ok didnt even say to send us to a specialist but I think its kind of stupid to start off there anyhow. If youre tubes/ovaries look great then I truly doubt you will have an issue, its just more money into the docs pocket if you go there. You should try for at least 6 months first, I was told that 6 months is a typical "trying to conceive" amount of time for people even without medical issues. For us, it took the average amount of time and now we have a 1 yr old! I bet youll be pregnant in no time!
Iwontbdenied responded:
I agree with the other ladies. The only thing I suggest is that you get prepared mentally. If it doesn't happen as soon as you will like, don't get discourage. It may take a little longer but don't give up hope. There are many success stories out there and you have support right here. Remind yourself daily that you are not ttc, you are waiting to conceive.
kahliah responded:
I would recommend to anyone who is TTC or planning to in the near future to get this book. My friends call it the fertility bible. I'm not TTC, but I bought the book b/c it's a great way to get to know your body. Here is the link: http://www.tcoyf.com/

Good luck and have fun TTC...
AshleyWalling responded:
Ya im just going to tell my dr. that we are going to try without the fertility dr. That is just way to much money that i dont have. Thanks Guys for all of yalls advice
hopeful2218 replied to AshleyWalling's response:
No problem Ashley, hope you will stick with the board...and let us know how you are doing..and let us know when you get pregnant..we love success stories!!!!

Best Wishes!!!
jazmynsMYbiscuit replied to AshleyWalling's response:
How has your family planning been going? I am just about to finish my Lupron and am ttc sometime maybe soon