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All Endo, PCOS, Adeno, Hysto's, Pelvic Pain this is the link to our new Exchange. It will take some time to get everything re-entered...but WELCOME ALL!!!
monday moning roll call...
brandib01 posted:
good morning ladies how have you all been?

well i know some of you have me on facebook and somedon't.

i have a little news.
first thank you all or you best wishes and prayers for my surgery ohwever it has now ben CANCELLED... due to extenuating (sp? der) circumstances.
turns out iwent in for my mri friday and they found a fetus lol... and not just a little one i am about 17 weeks ish along and it's a boy who is flash i was needless to say a bit surprisd because that means i was pg before my last lap in march but i guess not enough for a pos. blood test yet. so he has made it through 2 months of bcps pre lap a d &c during my lap another month of bcp after lap and 2 rounds of lupron.. they did an ultrasound and said do far everyting looks good and the nurses were shocked i didn't know.. ummm hello i did pretty much everything to prevent it. and i thought all the nausea as you ladies know and all my other symptoms were from the lupron.

he did have a strong heartbeat and a brain and spine and fingers and toes but i do go see a highrisk pg specialist on wednesday because of course i need another doctor lol... but due to my history i am high risk although i am staying positive that if he makes it through all that obviously it was meant to be so thank you for your support ladies.. and now you have proof strange things happen when you least expect it..

well let me know how you all are doing i know i took over roll call a bit but i am a basket case and know yo all will understand..

update me on you too... please i need the distraction if anything.

pain free days/moments to all....
Brandi 27dx'ed.infertile06'w/male factor also-first lap 09'endo stageIV/PCOS/2-m/c08'09'my angels hormone deficient 7 rounds of clomid~~co admin..
Shanikin responded:
OH MY GOSH! That is SOOOO exciting!!! Congratulations to you !!

I get SO excited when I read about one of you getting pregnant :-) It really makes me feel like there is hope!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything goes great!

It's so good to start a Monday off with great news like this!! :-)
Shannon - diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis during laparoscopic surgery in March 2011. TTC baby 1 :-)
jenkoelenko responded:

CONGRATULATIONS! That is SO exciting! This little guy is quite a trooper! I hope everything goes healthy and well with you and the baby! Please keep us updated!
~Jenna 24 ttc since 2/07, dx'd w/ endo stage IV via lap, 1 round lupron, 4 rounds of clomid -Smiles are contagious and should be spread like wildfire
hollyri replied to jenkoelenko's response:
Brandi, that is so exciting! Congratulations! And I have to tell you that you are not the first person I've encountered who was pg on Lupron. One of my friends put me in touch with one of her friends who was taking the dose for fibroids (double the endo dose). Well, on her 3rd month, they did a sono to look at the fibroids, and there was a little baby boy in there. He was healthy and perfect in every way. So I imagine your little one is all right. I understand the concern though. And I'm glad your dr is considering you high risk. It guarantees that when you call their office for any little thing, the nurses won't put you on hold.

So very happy for you! And next time any of our members here are on Lupron and having awful nausea, I think we should recommend they do a home test to make sure. just in case, ya know?
mcgalla responded:
Brandi this is the best news ever!!! Congrats! I'm so excited for you! I'll definitely be thinking of you both and praying that your little baby boy will continue to do well.
BrittneyisaMommy replied to mcgalla's response:
OH MAN WHY WAS I ABSENT THIS WEEK!?! SUPER CONGRATS BRANDI :) :):) oh that is so awesome lady :) woo hoo!
Mommy DD 3yo and a DS 1yo. Diagnosed with Endo. after DS was born. Three M/C 9/2010, 11/2010,

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