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    All Endo, PCOS, Adeno, Hysto's, Pelvic Pain this is the link to our new Exchange. It will take some time to get everything re-entered...but WELCOME ALL!!!
    Weekend Check In
    hopeful2218 posted:
    Good Morning Ladies,

    How are you all doing...I see soo many posts..and some unanswered. I think we are all experiencing issues with posting and replying to posts. I am going to email my contact at WebMd and see if we can get this fixed. I breaks my heart to see posts left unanswered...and they say they are weeks old..but they weren't there a couple of days ago.

    So I thought maybe if we post under this, we can hold a couple of conversations over the weekend, and help out new members.

    I hope you all are doing well.....Wish I could be as active on the board as I used to be..just remember, if you ever need something my profile and my email addy is listed....

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...Love and painfree moments/days to you all!!!!
    Me 29 dx'ed with endo in 09 via lap, M/C 12/24/09xoxo,Fibro, RLS, SVT, MS. Completed two rounds of Lupron. Administrator to this board.
    hollyri responded:
    I'm here. There are a few posts I've tried to respond to, but my posts kept disappearing. Frustrating.

    I'm not doing as well as I had hoped. Not cramping, but generally feeling bad. I might be calling the dr later this week if it continues. I don't like feeling crummy like this.

    I've made a few decisions about school too. I was planning to graduate this fall, but I'm starting to feel really rushed for some reason. I have to finish a certain number of tasks before September, and there is no way I can do them by the deadline as the students don't even get back into the classroom until the last week of August. So I have to put graduation off until Spring. It's all right though. I'm going to finish up what I need to this fall, sub in some school libraries (I hope), and take a class or two that will make me more marketable. I have to talk to my advisor to find out what he recommends though. So I have a phone conference scheduled tomorrow, and we'll see what happens. I feel really relieved though. I was having so much anxiety wondering how I was going to finish everything up in just a few weeks. Even though it would be nice to graduate really early, I think I need to wait one more semester and get things done properly.

    So there you go. Not a fun decision, but the right one no less.

    I am considering getting a cactus garden for my patio. All my "heat-resistant" and "drought-tolerant" plants have dropped dead in the 109 degree heat. We have a few more weeks of temps in the 100s (getting several days this week over 105 up to 109 again), and my plants aren't doing well. I had silk flowers mixed in with them, but the apartment people disapproved. So when I removed the silk flowers, all that was left was the dead stalks of my plants. Oops. I water every few days, but it's just not enough I guess. Good news is that my elderberry bush likes this weather. It's even got new growth at the bottom. Of course, the plant is smaller than my thumb, but it's just a baby. It will grow I think.

    My dog's 12th birthday is in a few weeks, and yes, I'm throwing him a party. :) He deserves it.

    jenkoelenko replied to hollyri's response:
    I'm still here :)
    Holli: Love the birthday party idea :D
    As for me, life is interesting at present, my hubby and I are planning on moving to Idaho at the end of august... So I've had a couple interviews for jobs up there, and should have another couple today. I'm stressing a bit because my hubby is leaving the country and will be gone for the rest of the month. He's leaving this weekend (on my birthday, no less!), which means the I'll be packing our entire house by myself... I'm just a little worried... and stressing... oh well.
    Painwise I've been doing alright... being on hormones again is kinda kicking my trash... half the time I feel like one of my ovaries is going to explode. Not sure exactly what to do at this point except trying to stop stressing out. hahaha... like that'll really happen... lol!

    Hope this finds you all free of pain!
    ~Jenna 24 ttc since 2/07, dx'd w/ endo stage IV via lap 06/08, 1 round lupron, 4 rounds of clomid, dx'd w/ PCOS 06/11, starting another round of clomid
    hopeful2218 replied to jenkoelenko's response:
    Ovaries feeling like they are going to explode is not an enjoyable feeling at all..I sure hope you are feeling better very soon!!!!'ll get through everything just fine. Finishing school in the spring isn't bad at all...the key word is finishing!!! So you should be proud of yourself for that alone!

    I myself, am tired, and just feeling all around crumby, I started a new job..which is great..but when 5 weeks without a paycheck and couldn't afford my Im feeling the all over pain...boooo!

    The board is just a mess, I did email my contact here at WebMd and have not gotten a response as of yet..If I don't hear anything by the end of the week, I am going to create a post and ask everyone to write their "bad" experiences down, and send them the link...maybe if we all join forces, we can have a functional board again!

    But again, I want to say Thank you to everyone who is keeping it up and running and helping out new members when we aren't able to get online as much as we used to. And if any of you ever need anything, always click on my screen name and my email addy is listed..I check my email almost everyday, so I just don't want anyone to feel alone!

    Best wishes to you all...feel free to continue to post under here, since a daily roll call isn't happening (or showing up)...I just want to know how you all are doing, and make sure no one is feeling alone.

    Love and painfree moments/days to you all!!!
    Me 29 dx'ed with endo in 09 via lap, M/C 12/24/09xoxo,Fibro, RLS, SVT, MS. Completed two rounds of Lupron. Administrator to this board.
    ohbrandy replied to hopeful2218's response:
    I've often thought about creating us a REAL message board, but I'm afraid we'd lose members.

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