Hello ladys been getting ready for surgery
healingmychild posted:
I have been busy going to PreOp appt. and getting myself ready.I am going to have a davinci surgery (hysterectomy) and suberethral sling for my incontence problem.Its Oct 19.Im feeling nervous, anxious, and some emotional feelings.I have pain on and off.My symptoms have just gotten worst.I have pelvic pain constantly.Dr.thinks there is more Endo and adhesions.Reason off all my pain.Any of you ladys have any advice on getting ready for Hysterectomy?Appreciate the responds.
Laparoscoopy'09 found Endo,removed left ovary.Painful periods,lot pelvic pain,painful sex.
mcgalla responded:
Hey healing, I definitely will keep you in prayer with your surgery coming up on the 19th. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling nervous and emotional right now but thats totally normal. Its a big decision you've made but the right one if you feel good about it. My mom had a hysterectomy two years ago because of precancerous cells in her uterus and irregular, heavy periods with pain. She felt overwhelmed by it but after having the surgery she knew she had made the right decision and she healed pretty quickly but she made sure to take it really easy afterward. Seeing what she did my suggestion would be to take care of anything you feel you want to get done before hand like making extra meal to freeze and have on hand or cleaning/organizing. You can boost your spirits by maybe buying a couple really cozy and comfy pjs or lounge wear to relax in after surgery and have some family or friend lined up to visit you and help out with anything. Definitely take it easy afterward and don't worry about getting anything done, it can all wait, the best thing to do after any surgery is to relax so your body can heal itself properly.

Hope this helps, good luck with everything and keep us posted how it all goes!