An_240639 posted:
Hi I'm new to the site and wanted to know what can I expect after my surgery. I just had my surgery Thursday 10/6 and I find myself crying and wondering if I did the right thing. Two years ago before I decided to have the surgery I had the novasure and a d&c. It did help for a little while but then I started having heavy painful periods again and had to get iron treatments. My recovery is going good and I'm resting but i'm worried about menopause ( I'm 47), pain, sex, etc.... I also heard that some women go through a personality change as well! I'm scared.
mcgalla responded:
Hi and welcome to the board. You are doing the right thing by getting rest which will help with your recovery. Did you get a complete hysterectomy or a partial? I don't have a whole lot of info on hysterectomies just what I saw my mom go through when she had hers a couple years ago. I'm not sure how she felt emotionally afterward, before hand she was pretty nervous which is to be expected, but she certainly didn't go through a personality change, not to say that can't happen to anyone but I haven't heard of it. Surgery of any kind can cause us to feel tired emotionally, drained, and moody sometimes. And especially with a hysto your body is going through changes that have been made all at once and hormones can be a pretty powerful thing. Hang in there, I'm sure you are going to be fine and its totally normal to feel scared. One recommendation I can make would be to visit this site called the hyster sisters: http://www.hystersisters.com/ . They have tons of info on hystos and a forum like this where you can ask questions and get support about everything related to hystos.

Let us know if we can help with anything else Hope you start feeling better soon and definitely take advantage of this time to let your body slowly heal itself.
tmwalk replied to mcgalla's response:
Thank you Carrie