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Could I be having endometriosis?
cmm14513 posted:
I have always had bad Periods, first days were the worst. But the last few months has gotten Horrible to where i have take a few days from classes. The symptoms I get usually starts a couple weeks before my periods. I thought at first it could be PMDD but I'm been leaning towards Endo more. I'm 28 year old female, never had sex. I am planning on going to the drs but I would like a few opinions. I just have gotten done with my period but I'm still getting some of the symptoms but not as bad.

Feeling tension
panic attacks (had to go to the ER one time)
mood swings (crying, funk, not happy)
Insomnia (have sometimes trouble sleeping)
Sleeping more than Usual sometimes (when I don't have anything to do for the day, the other day I slept 7am to 3 pm without waking up. )
feeling overwhelmed
sometimes breast tenderness or pain
heart palpitations
joint and muscle pain
an altered view of one body
abdominal pain
constipation (that sometimes I can hardly move or stand up strait)
sometime vomit but not to often.
fatigue all the time
heavy periods
loss of appetite( I used to able to eat a lot, but I've been getting full to early)
clumsy/loose balance
pelvic tense/itchy
thrush on tongue
Lump in throat
swollen gland on neck(gone now, thought it was abscessed tooth but it wasn't)
Butt hurts
Hurts sometimes when I go number 2
lower back pains
legs numbness mostly in the right leg

Side hurts
Virginal bumps/rash
Semen leakage after bathroom
mcgalla responded:
Hi cmm14513, the only way to be diagnosed with endometriosis is by laparoscopic surgery. Ultrasounds can show cysts or your obgyn can sometimes feel cysts during pelvic exams but there are many types of cysts and not all are due to endo. And of course there are other things that go along with endo but your symptoms could really be anything so the best thing to do is talk to you doctor and they will go from there. Good luck

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