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    Happy Sunday Roll Call
    mcgalla posted:
    Hey girls! So I planned on posting this tomorrow but decided maybe I better do it tonight since I've been having some mild contractions today and I'm now a week past my due date. Don't want to leave you all hanging for too long if I go soon

    So how is everyone doing lately? Jenna- did you end up handing out candy for halloween? I don't blame if you didn't since you were alone, its best to be safe. How long will your husband be gone for?

    Let us know how you are all doing, whether good or bad. Wishing you all pain free moments/days!
    Wpooh27 responded:
    So What are the doctors saying they are going to do since you are a week pas t your due date? I hope the baby is healthy and all.
    mcgalla replied to Wpooh27's response:
    Pretty much I just have to wait at this point. I go in twice a week now and they hook me up to a monitor to check on the baby's heart rate and everything looks good, I have lots of amniotic fluid as well which is a good sign. I'm ok with waiting at the moment because I would rather not have to be induced but if I don't have the baby by the end of this week they will most likely schedule me to be induced by next week.

    Fingers crossed I go on my own!
    jenkoelenko responded:
    Hey Carrie! Any new developments? I hope you and your baby are doing just GRAND! I didn't end up handing out candy... I felt kinda guilty at the time, but I'm not anymore. Yesterday (Sunday) one of ladies in my neighborhood that goes to the same church I do, sent her daughter home with her husband because she (daughter) was complaining about how her clothes weren't fitting right. This is right in the middle of church, mind you, and she NEVER does this - sending her kid and hubby home in the middle of church (her words). And they got home in the middle of their house being burglarized. How scary?!?! My hubby has been gone for just over a week, and he'll be gone for most of this week... Suffice it to say that I think he's more freaked out about the burglary than I am, because he's not here. So, in the meantime, I'm locking all my doors, windows, etc!
    On a side note: I chopped off most of my hair on Saturday My hair is now the shortest I've EVER cut it. I was so worried it was going to be awful... and boy, if I do say so myself, I was SO wrong! I think it looks GREAT and I LOVE IT!! my finally cutting it probably has something to do with my miscarriage, but oh well. It feels great! So overall, I am a happy person

    Happy moments to everyone!!
    ~Jenna 24 ttc since 1/07, dx'd w/ endo stage IV via lap 06/08, 1 round lupron, 4 rounds of clomid, dx'd w/ PCOS 06/11, more clomid, m/c 9/2011 - my sweet little angel
    mcgalla replied to jenkoelenko's response:
    Definitely keep your doors and windows locked and be super careful when coming in and out at night. I can't believe they just happened to walk in the middle of the burglary! That is so scary!

    I'm glad you like your new haircut . I can see something like that being emotionally therapeutic in a way.

    So far no new developments. I think at times I've been having some mild contractions but it is so hard to tell if that is what it is or not. Every time I go to the doctor they say everything is normal with the baby but its hard not to be a little nervous over him, I just feel the need to see him and hold him for myself to make sure he is ok, you know. But I'm trying to be patient. I guess he'll come when he's ready
    Wpooh27 replied to mcgalla's response:
    I am glad to hear everything is going ok with you and the baby. My friend that i work with just had her beautiful baby girl tuesday morning a week over due she was 7 pounds and 1 0z. She is beautiful.
    Wpooh27 replied to jenkoelenko's response:
    That is awful to walk in in the middle of some one burglarizing your house but scary to. But i honestly believe God allows things to happen for a reason.
    jenkoelenko replied to Wpooh27's response:
    I agree, everything happens for a reason. We may never know what it is, but that doesn't mean it won't bless us. I'm just grateful that they're all okay, and it sounds like they didn't lose anything... all because some clothes didn't fit. A blessing to be sure!
    ~Jenna 24 ttc since 1/07, dx'd w/ endo stage IV via lap 06/08, 1 round lupron, 4 rounds of clomid, dx'd w/ PCOS 06/11, more clomid, m/c 9/2011 - my sweet little angel

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