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How do I find the right doctor...
An_242564 posted:
Ok, here is a little background: 5 yrs ago I had an x-ray and a large tumor (appx 28 cm — not a typo it was that big) was found. After a laparotomy, the tumor was removed and was not cancerous. I had terrible endometriosis coving a good bit of my pelvic organs. It was all removed, as well as part of my left ovary. One year later, after months of pain I had another surgery to remove more cysts and endometriosis. Since the first surgery I have had 6 in all. The subsequent 5 were done laparoscopically. In the surgeries, I have had both fallopian tubes removed, part of my left ovary and my right ovary.

With every surgery I have had, I have had multiple cysts removed each time. Usually there is 1-2 very large ones and 1-2 moderate sized ones. Since the third surgery there has not been any endometriosis or endometrial cysts. The cysts are now forming from scar tissue.

After the first four surgeries my doctor told me that he was not comfortable doing any more surgeries after this surgery and I would need to consider having a hysterectomy if I had any more problems. I am a 35 year, single woman and I really want to have a child — not yet but I am not ready to give up the option or take that drastic a step; especially without knowing that it will 100% fix the problem. I really love and respect my doctor. He has been through a lot with me and I know he is trying to do what is best. After some online research by both him and me we found a specialist that worked with women with that need adhesiolysis for pelvic cysts/tumors. I spent 2 years with the specialist and two surgeries later, I have more cysts.

I guess my quest is, should I just go to a new doctor and start from the beginning or try to find a new specialist? If I should go the specialist route, where should I look (I live on the Alabama gulf coast)?

Sorry for the long post. Thank you.
hollyri responded:
I don't know the best answer for you. However, it never hurts to get a second opinion. It can take a while to find a doctor who can treat your condition in a way that works and that you're comfortable with.
brandib01 responded:
suggest you stay the specialist route. i always suggest a reproductive endocronologist. they usually have the most experience with endo since in most cases it is found when women decide to have children and can't. and since you want children they also keep that as their top priority.. i do not know how far you are willing to travel there are several renowned specialists with the endo center being in i belive georgia there is one in california and a few here in texas where i live. but def start with an RE
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