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No period since beginning of december not pregnant !!
Donza123 posted:
Hi all new to this , im mum of 5 boys . Used to have a cycle of well every 6 wks from a young age . They started going out of control when i started Prozac, infact they almost stopped completly after my 5th son. Had my last period 2 dec , Iam not pregnant as far as i know . I have thick yellow discharge ( Not infected ) as this colour of CM has always been normal for me . I have since stopped prozac about 4 wks ago in hope of my motabilisim and periods getting back to normal . My question is . why the CM ( Cervical mucus ) but no period ?? My doc took blood for me to test for PCOS which came back as normal . I would just like for menstrual flow to be normal . What do you think is going on ? )
mcgalla responded:
Hi and welcome to the board! I don't know for certain what could be the cause but our bodies can get "out of whack" from all kinds of things especially meds, so I'm thinking that prozac could be the reason for no period. Since you just stopped taking it, it might take awhile for you period to return. How many pregnancy tests have you taken to be sure you aren't pregnant? Also, depending on your age, some women start getting menopause very very early (for some it can start in their mid to late 30's). But it is rare so I'm thinking there is most likely another explanation. These are all things to discuss with your doctor so they can figure out what is going on. And if you feel like you aren't getting anywhere with your current dr then by all means, switch to another one who will take you seriously. Let me know if there is any other questions you have, I would love to help
mcgalla replied to mcgalla's response:
Oh and its normal to have cervical mucous without a period. You can still be ovulating without getting a period (which is why doctors will tell you right after you have a baby you can still get pregnant even if your period hasn't returned yet.
Donza123 replied to mcgalla's response:
Hi there Carrie , thanks so much for your reply . I have just started a period yesterday .Yaaay . I have been taking a lot of stuff like> Evening Primrose oil (1000mg) per day >zinc ( 50 mg ) per day calcium plus vitamin D (400mg) per day> Vitamin B6 (10mg) per day ..then jst added 4x 530mg tabs of Dong Quai per day about 5 days ago . I'm thinking that it is the Dong Quai that may have brought my period on along with the other stuff , but since i ahve started bleeing , does this mean that i must have ovulated at some point in my cycle or can Dong Quai just cause you to bleed with out ovulation occurring ??? .. I have stopped Dong quai as of frm today because since learned that you are not supposed to take them during your period . Should i continue taking Dong Quai when my period ends ? I am not sure if the Dong Quai helped or maybe my period was about to happen because i've stopped the prozac.. ? yr help is much apreciated . Thanks Donna x
mcgalla replied to Donza123's response:
I haven't taken Dong Quai in such a long time so I have forgotten when during your cycle you are supposed to take it. I'm sure if you google it you can find more info on it or ask a nutritionist at a health food store or whole foods, etc. As of right now I guess you should just wait and see what happens next month if you get your period again and track to see how many days later after this one it comes. Maybe your body is getting back on schedule and it just might be some time until things get normal since you have been off the meds.

Glad I could help and hope things get back to normal for you!

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