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PCOS, possible Endometriosis, need alternatives to birth control pills
amyrenee1206 posted:
I started having periods at age 11 and have always had bad cramps and heavy bleeding. I have always had pain around my right ovary even before my periods began. I was started on birth control pills at age 14. I am now 31 and have tried to stay off the pills several times but my cycles are never regular and the pain gets worse each time. I have recently discovered that the pill was causing spells of rapid heart rate so I have had to give them up for good. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 2 years ago and have been told I probably have endometriosis. My doctor does not want to do surgery until I am ttc.
I went 11 weeks without a period, and now am on my second period in 2 weeks. This has been the worst one I have ever had, the pain has been bad enough at times I have considered going to the ER.
Are there any other treatments anyone has done and had success with other than birth control? Has anyone else had these problems?
mslewis40 responded:
Well, i would get a second opinion with another doctor. I recently had a laparoscopy done & my doc found that i had endometriosis at its early stage. My pain doesn't sound as bad as yours, but familiar just the same. He took all of it out & i can definitely tell the difference. My pain range went from a 6 down to I'd say a 2, & i can manage it simply by taking a couple of Aleves. But like i said, i would consider getting a second opinion if i were you. It won't hurt. Best of luck to you.

jenkoelenko responded:
I agree with mslewis, get a second opinion from another dr. I had a lap done a few years ago, made all the difference!! My pain level went down significantly, thank goodness! Not to scare you, but I have a very severe case, stage 4 endo. I had this surgery when I was 20 and my dr was shocked by what he saw. He told me later that if he had to guess my age only by looking at the photos he took during surgery, he would guess that I was in my mid-40's. That was a shock for me to hear, but even more shocking was the statement that my case was so severe that had I waited very much longer that he would not been able to salvage anything... I would have needed a complete hysterectomy. As I said earlier, I'm not trying to scare you with this, chances are that you don't have such a severe case... that being said, you never know. I told you my story simply to emphasize how important it is to take control of your own health. I was also diagnosed with PCOS a while ago. I'm so sorry you're having these problems. know that you're not alone. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you! Good luck
~Jenna 24 ttc since 1/07, dx'd w/ endo stage IV via lap 06/08, 1 round lupron, 4 rounds of clomid, dx'd w/ PCOS 06/11, more clomid, m/c 9/2011 - my sweet little angel
amyrenee1206 replied to jenkoelenko's response:
Thank you both for your replies.
I have seen 3 different gynos and they all seem to agree about the birth control. The doctor I saw before this last one did mention that surgery would be my next step, but I did not care for the doctor himself. But I have considered going back to him since so far he is the only one who as talked about surgery. Also I do not have insurance so I will be paying for it all myself, which at this point I do not care about.
I constantly have pain around my right ovary and when I move a certain way or sneeze or cough it feels like it is being ripped out of my body. I don't know if that makes sense. I tend to get cysts on my right ovary but this pain is a daily occurrence.
mslewis40 replied to amyrenee1206's response:
You're welcome. I would seriously consider having the surgery done, then. I agree with Jenna. You wouldn't want to wait much longer for whatever it is to get worse. It would be all worth it. Being in constant pain is no way to live, especially if you can do something about it to find out exactly what it is & get it treated properly to get yourself better. You take care of yourself & pls keep us posted.

amyrenee1206 replied to mslewis40's response:
I called a new doctor today and set up an appointment for next week for a consult. I definitely feel like surgery is the way to go, but I want to find a doctor I feel comfortable with. I had a patient highly recommend this doctor for similar problems she was having, so I am looking forward to trying to see what she says. Thank you ladies for your stories and support! I will let yall know how my appointment goes.
mslewis40 replied to amyrenee1206's response:
You're so welcome! That's great news! I'm so glad for you. Yes, please do keep us posted. You're in my prayers.

jenkoelenko replied to amyrenee1206's response:
I'm so glad that you found a different dr., I hope this one turns out to be great it is REALLY important to feel comfortable with your dr and be able to trust him/her. I don't know how familiar you are with endo, but when AF doesn't all go out the right way, but ends up outside of your uterus, it acts as a kind of adhesive, gluing all of your internal organs together. I had problems with a very similar pain before my lap, and it, for me, was endo's fault. My endo had glued my ovaries to my uterus AND abdomino-pelvic wall. the lap REALLY helped me with the pain, it went from about an 8 or 9 down to about a 2 for the most part. It was GREAT! Good luck and keep us posted!
~Jenna 24 ttc since 1/07, dx'd w/ endo stage IV via lap 06/08, 1 round lupron, 4 rounds of clomid, dx'd w/ PCOS 06/11, more clomid, m/c 9/2011 - my sweet little angel

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