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All Endo, PCOS, Adeno, Hysto's, Pelvic Pain this is the link to our new Exchange. It will take some time to get everything re-entered...but WELCOME ALL!!!
brandib01 posted:
for all of you who know and those that don't march is the official month for endometriosis awareness.

our ribbon color is yellow.

most people do not know because it is not a well know disease although millions of women suffer from it..
it is not as publisized because mainly it is not a fatal disease but people do not understand that it is a dabilitating disease that affects every aspect of its sufferers life from our work to how we care for our children, spouses, and family.
it can crush a womans spirit and leave her loved ones in the dark on how they can even help. especially since it is hard to understand unless you live with it everyday.

i know not everyone is comfortable discussing their private issues publically but if you are please post on it or email about it or just talk about it with anyone.

the only way to help is to bring awareness so one day we may find a cure if not for us for all the little girls who do not know their fate yet with dealing with this.

think of your baby girl or your niece or just a small child you see playing in a park and imagine that one day they may feel the pain you feel and have to endure the countless surgeries and doctors who don't believe them when they say "i am in pain".

there is a endo awareness letter under the tips section. if you can not think of how to say it just send that or read it to your husband or significant other..

just an fyi for the day

pain free days/moments to all
Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'
WaitingforHealing responded:
I didn't know that they had a month for this. I am 30 now but I started having painful perids when I was 13. I tried to make everyone understand that it wasn't normal but at that time no was was talking about endometriosis. I was even accused of just trying to stay out of school. Hopefully one no girl will ever have to go through what I went through to get a diagnosis. Now I am 30 with 75% coverage and infertility issues. Hopefully more women will get diagnosed eearly as a result of the efforts to inform people about the disease.
brandib01 replied to WaitingforHealing's response:
it is a shame that most people don't know but that is why i posted. i did not even know until 2 years ago.
i am similar in i will be 29 this year with severe stage 4. they said if they could diagnose higher then they would ha.. it was all over and it took me 6 years to have my son which was a random blessing.

like i said no one will fight for us so the more people that know the better..luckily i am a loud mouth ha ha but i never feel like thats enough.

i want to tey to initiate something next year for awareness month. but for now talking as you know always helps
Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'

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I am 30 now but I started having painful perids when I was 13. I tried to make everyone understand that it wasn't normal but at that time no was w...More

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