odd question
endo2002 posted:
Hey ladies,
It's been awhile. I have being trying to focus on work and getting my life back to normal after a horrible year last year. So here I am. back to join one of my favorite message boards.

The last few months I have noticed my periods are getting further part. I have been 28 days apart for damn near 20 years. The last few months they are increasing in time in between and the actual flow time has decreased. ( now I am not complaining of that one)

See the pattern:
November ---day 27 for 5 days
December -- day 30 for 5 days
January-- start day 31 for 4 days
February - day 28 for 6 ( my normal****)
March-- day 29 for 4 days
April --- No start yet ( day 32 and no signs of starting)

I am little worried that my cervical stenosis is causing these problems with my cycle.

I haven't discussed these issues with my doctor yet. They just want me to go back on birth control. ( no way!)

What do you ladies think???
mcgalla responded:
Hey Tabitha, hmm I'm not sure what could be causing that. I mean its normal for lots of women to have it come on different days instead of the same number of days in between. But like you said you have had it come every 28 days for the past 20 years so its interesting that it has changed. I know when I took the pill for several years I always got it at the same time but years later off of the pill it started coming all over the place, sometimes 24 days then 27 days the next time, etc. Hope you figure it out, sorry I couldn't help more