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Chronic Severe Pelvic Pain
An_246070 posted:
I have been having severe chronic pelvic pain for quite some time now. I'm talking over the last few years. It is on my left side, but it radiates out and across to my right side. November 2011 I had surgery to remove a large cyst on my left ovary - which my ob/gyn seemed to think was the cause of my pain. Over the last few months, the pain has started to return, and it's worse than ever. Ob/gyn checked my again for cysts, but found nothing. I was referred to a Urologist to have my bladder checked since I have to urge to urinate alot and sometimes I leak urine. Urologist ordered a CT Scan of my pelvis, and told me I need to see my ob/gyn, as the findings were not related to their specialty. From what I understand from the test results - as read to me by the Urologist's nurse - large cystic lesions were found somewhere around my uterus, something about possibly being ovarian related, and in a superior position (she wasn't the most clarifying person to speak to). Can anyone tell me what is possibly going on here or what I may be able to expect? I'm 27 years old. I've switched ob/gyns so many times I can't count. I am currently a patient of a practice that comes highly recommended. I have also seen a Gastroenterologist and had an upper endo and colonoscopy, and nothing was found. I have been complaining of this pain for years, and every doctor I have seen seems to brush me off. My mother and both her sisters all had hysterectomies before the age of 30 due to Endometriosis. I have had one pregnancy, which I carried to full-term. My current form of birth control is the Mirena IUD, at the recommendation of my ob/gyn. Something is seriously wrong, and I seem to be the only one concerned. I don't rest well, my job is becoming difficult to perform because of it's physical nature, and I'm gaining weight because I can't stand to exercise because it hurts. I'm scared to death that my concerns aren't being taken as seriously as they should, and if something serious is wrong, it's going to be late. Please, any advice or support or resources will be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end. I have a follow-up scheduled with my ob/gyn, but not for a few weeks.
sfbrinkley responded:
I would recommend that you find that a gynocologist who is experienced in dealing with endometriosis, tell them your symptoms and your family history and request a laparoscopy. I have endometriosis and that was the only way to confirm it. Nothing showed up on the ultrasound. If there is something more going on, cysts, cancer, you name it, then they will be able to identify it. Chances are it is endometriosis and at least you will know. Before my laparoscopy, I had extremely painful periods, bouts of constipation and diahrrea, and severe abdominal and back pain. I was able to have two children, but now I'm 41 and I'm scheduled for a hystercetomy soon. Good luck to you!

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