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    Endometriosis and gettng regnant
    W1ck3d_N1nj3tt3 posted:
    Im 19 and in march was treated for sever case of endometriosis here it is decembe and i sill cant get pregnant. Many of the women in my amily had to get hysterectomies in there early 20s i'm beginin to think if i dont have chldren early i wont' be able to . . . any advice ???
    brandib01 responded:
    know how hard it can be to want to be pg and to not have any luck.

    i will throw out the good old you are still young but i know that doesn't help.
    the only reason i say that is because by no means is endo a no baby diag. but sometimes it takes longer. it took me 6 years from when we actively started trying until we finally got my wondrful little monster.

    and FYI if a doctor tried to "cure" your endo with a hysto find another doctor asap.. there are tons of women that still have endo after they were told a hysto would fix them. since it can attach anywhere in the body and feeds off of your hormones removing the uterus does no good. they would have to remove everything. ovaries cervix and uterus which most doctors do not do nor at your age should you.

    i would suggest going to see a reproductive endocronologist. they are great. since they deal with infertility the most they generally have the best understanding of how to tackle your infertiltiy issue.
    i am not sure what or which doctors you have tried or if you have even received medical intervention yet but that would be my first suggestion. for all you know you could just simply have a blockage in your tubes. there are many things that cause infertility. including things on the mans side. if you read my bio you can get an idea of evertyhing i went through and at one point was told i would never have a full term pregnancy but i showed them lol.
    if you want anymoer info or if you want to email me outside of this site personally i would be more than happy to talk to you.
    Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'
    W1ck3d_N1nj3tt3 replied to brandib01's response:
    No i havnt tried medical intervention not something in my budget right this second and my dr hasnt mentioned a hysto yet we have done everything else though and she just continues to tell me i dont need to be worrying about babies i just cant help it lol its my dream . . . but anyways a couple questions first where would i find a reproductive endocronologist when im readt for that and how often would u say i should be checking up on the endo? My dr. wasnt 100% positive it was endo until she went in and found it tried putting me on birth control to stop the periods all to gether for awhile but it didnt quite work that way. as of now im not currently doing anything about it and am wondering if i should be ?
    brandib01 replied to W1ck3d_N1nj3tt3's response:
    you are considered pretty young to be thinking about having kids but hey to each his own. i understand the baby bug.

    your insurance should have a section showing approved RE's and if not your doctor should be able to refer you to one,
    and they will see you for treatment of endometriosis which in turn will help your infertilty.

    my doctor coded everything through him as endo treatment instead of infertility so our insurance would cover at least some of it.
    i have even heard of some women having dctors list pregnancy as treatment of endo because it does't grow or spread while you are preggo.

    but i would say if the birth control is working and you are not still in pain i would suggest asking to see them at least twicw a ayear instead of just your normal annual well womens check up.

    i saw my doctor at least 1-2 times a month but that is because i have a little rude endometrioma and cysts that he likes to keep an eye on.
    Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'

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