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    Needing some advice
    jmb1987 posted:
    I'm new to this board, but I really have no one else in my own life personally that has dealt with this issue before. I'm a 25 year old mother of 1 in college, I was working full time but the pain has gotten so much worse in the last year that I ended up loosing my job. I had a laparoscopy done in March of last year, they found some endometriosis growing and they scraped it off, the Dr warned me that it could come back and my new gynecologist believes it has. She is thinking that we should do a hysterectomy to just go ahead and take care of the whole problem because even with medication for the pain that just covering the symptoms vs. actually treating it. I am really apprehensive of having a hysterectomy because I'm only 25, and my fiancee and I hadn't made any decisions really on whether or not we ever wanted to have more kids. So, does anyone out there have any advice on what would be best or if there are other alternatives over something that seems so extreme? If anyone out there can give me some advice it would be GREATLY appreciated.
    sbl2872 responded:
    That sounds like an extremely extreme method for dealing with endo! I'm 27 and was diagnosed about 2 years ago, and there's no telling hoe long I had it before then. I also had an "exploratory" laparoscopy a little less than a year ago, in which gyno found numerous spots of endo. We already knew I had it, just not how bad. I was a 4 out of 5. Anyway, mine has already come back, as within a few months of surgery, I began to feel the small pains which are now big pains. I have yet to go back due to insurance issues, but I will tell you what my gyno told me. I am one of those women with endo that experiences pain pretty much constantly, and it continues in severity. So I feel you. But we are so young! I deal with it bc I've had it for so long, and I DO want more children! Do not get a hysterectomy unless you are absolutely positive that you and your partner don't want any more children!!! You may change your mind later on, and you still have a chance!
    brandib01 responded:
    a hysto is not a cure for endo. it feeds off your hormones and i cannot tell you how many women have had one done with a doctor telling them it would fix all their pain problems and then it comes back and now no one will believe them.
    endo is not confined to the uterus as im sure you know so it doesn't need it to grow unles they remove everything i mean ovaries uterus cervix then it will not go anywhere and that is severe for someone so young then you get into menopause and hormone replacement therapy etc.

    i do not know what you have tried yet alot of women find some relief taking continuous birth control and now that make take a few tries to find the one that works best for you. or as a last resort there is lupron followed up by surgery with a birth control chaser.
    if you are thinking of having more kids then i would not even think about a hysto as an option because you don't get to take that back.and you may want to discuss your options with your fiancee. always keep the man informed even if they act like they don't understand (which they wont) but at least they can be as informed as possible. mine has no clue stil even after 8 years of dealing with it but my doc told him our options and we chose together. we have 1 child also and want at least one more but we are not prepared this time to fight as hard as we did for the first and take away from our time with him but like i said that was an informed choice on our part.
    just dont make any rash decisions and if your doctor is puhing that as your only option find another doctor quick becasue they are not very well informed themselves
    Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'

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