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What on earth?!?!
An_251637 posted:
I am 21, and thankfully have been blessed with 2 amazing babies before all of my problems started. I'm going to try to make this short, sweet and to the point for you, but am at a loss because I don't even know where to begin! So in December while at work I had horrible pain. Went to the hosp after it didn't let up a couple days later, and they said my Mirena was falling out. I've only had it since March the same year, so my doctor was kind of confused about it. Ever since then when I stand up for a couple of hours straight (I work on a production line, I have no choice but to stand for like 4 hours) the pain comes back. I went back to the doctor, she just kept putting me on pills. I'd go back a couple weeks later with no improvement and would get put on another. This happened for literally 2 months straight. In my biweeks, I would end up going to the hospital, and was eventually called a "frequent flyer". No one understood what was happening. My own husband turned on me and said that I was "faking it so I didn't have to work". Finally I got sent to another doctor, but of course, he didn't do anything for me either. By this time, I've had enough. The next week I went back to the hospital and demanded for something to happen. They sent me back to my second doctor and we scheduled a laparoscopic surgery, for 5 days later. Last week I finally had it, and they discovered a severe case of Endometriosis. I was told that eventually I will have to have a hysterectomy. So far, it's been eight since my surgery and no pain is letting up. I have 2 little ones so it's hard to just rest for me. I just don't know what to do anymore. Do you think Mirena has caused all of this?? I mean, that's when all my pain and problems started...Everyone I've talked to said they felt good just a few days after their surgery. Now, I feel like I have a horrible case of the flu, and am absolutely miserable. With me not working we can't pay our bills, my marriage is falling apart, and I'm scared my kids go to bed hungry. My family and friends have turned on me, and I'm slowly losing my mind. I'm not sure what to do, I've thought about suicide MANY times. I just feel like my life is spinning out of control. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and so much for short and sweet, huh?!

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mrsjwilson2003 responded:
First and foremost, I have to say that suicide is not the answer. You have waaaaayyyyy too much to live for. With that being said, I'm not sure if Mirena is related to endometriosis but I've wondered the same thing since my pain didn't start until I had it placed. I haven't come across any material (but then again I haven't looked to hard either) that correlates the two but that really doesn't mean anything. As for your pain, I've found that Lortab and heating pads help me. Hopefully you can find some relief from this. If you need to vent, there are a lot of support groups out there. Since you're potentially looking at getting a hysterectomy, has good support groups for endometriosis. You could also try relaxation techniques or yoga for stress relief (rent a dvd on yoga from the library, view youtube videos on yoga, etc). I hope this helps you! Hugs!!!
alexellen responded:
OhMyGoodness! I've wondered the exact same thing, has the Mirena caused my endo to explode into pain? My pain started about 3 months after having it inserted. I didn't want it to be the problem because I LOVE not having my periods that caused so much pain. But I am in it daily now. Nearly 3 weeks since my last surgery and still no pain relief. Unfortunately, I haven't had kids yet, so I can't just up and have it all taken out.
hugotandy responded:
I believe that the Mirena IUD was the cause for my endometriosis.
brandib01 responded:
have not heard anything either that directly links it to endo.

it may be that you already had endo and it caused it to flare that i have heard.

millions of women have endo and never know. but since it does cause lining issues and inflammationanything inplanted will cause irritation and pain. i would say it would probably be more of a trigger and less of an actual cause.
i have requested it but due to my sever endo my doctor refuses to give me it so its on the pills again haha.

anyone who is feeling that depressed over it needs to talk to someone, anyone about whats going on.

there are links on this page about how to file FMLA for your work. this is a incurable disease and therfor falls under that and you can even file for intermittent FMLA so that you cannot be penalized for what most consider excessive doctors appt.
my hubby did not completely understand at first until my 2nd lap when he was actually shown pictures and told directly by my doctor that he was surprised i could even function with the severity and he has been much more empathetic since then.
i encourage anyone who even just needs someone to talk to to post on here even if there is no answer and at least vent or email me directly if you like it listed in my bio.\

pain free wishes to all
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