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All Endo, PCOS, Adeno, Hysto's, Pelvic Pain this is the link to our new Exchange. It will take some time to get everything re-entered...but WELCOME ALL!!!
recent dx with different symptoms advice appreciated
ahsportygurl21 posted:
I had issues with getting preg. an my OBGYN assumed I wasn't ovulating and potentially had PCOS. After testing PCOS was ruled out and I had a miracle and got preg right before starting Clomid. I had my baby boy via C-section in January. At that time I was dx as having endo. MD said I had adhesions and lots of endo growth. I had always had some cramping with my cycle but no pain at other times in the month. Pain with sex was also an issue, and my cycles had become so far apart that I was only seeing AF once every 40 to 50 days. My OBGYN scraped and removed adhesions during the C-section. I started birth control tabs 6 weeks later. I bled for 2 months straight. I had a regular to heavy flow the entire time. I quit the pills and now have not had a cycle since. I thought by getting preg and having endo removed my body would straighten out. Im praying I don't have infertility issues again. How would I even know I was preg? Right now my cycle is at 35 days and counting. Has anyone else experienced this with endo? I have a fear I may have other issues going on besides just endo. Im fear full it could also be pre mature ovarian failure?
brandib01 responded:
unfortunately with endo it can be a rollercoaster battle.
finding the right pill finding the right doctor finding the right combination of the two etc.

your bleeding was probably from the type of BCP's you were taking. everyone reacts to each kind differently and due to the endo we seem to be hyper sensitive. i took one kind that made me exrtemely moody and made me bleed for 2 weeks straight and a heavy flow until i told my doctor and he switched me to a different kind and literally within 2 days i completely stopped bleeding like it never even happened. i also on the other one developed erythems nodosom.. just add that to the list of things lol.
endo is a battle that does not end until you hit menopause or are pregnant.. the doctors will try their best to control it but since n one is sure what causes it so there is no "cure". mine grows back almost instantly after each surgery and i was great while pg and for about 6 months after having him and i seems to just slowly be returning. BCP's are a good and about the only way to attempt to keep it at bay so i would get with your doctor and like i said it may take 2-3 or even 4 tries before you find what works with your body. and endo is not a no baby diagnosis it just makes things more complicated lol
Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'

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