Surgery for endo?
Amers80 posted:
I was recently diagnosed with a 3.1cm chocolate cyst on my left ovary. My doc says I am in stage 1-2 of endo. I don't have pain/discomfort really... some cramping during periods here and there. Every now and then I have spotting. The issue I am running into is infertility. My OBGYN recommends laproscopic surgery. I am 32 years old and really want to get pregnant. We've tried for a good 5 years! Nothing yet...[br>[br>Is the surgery necessary if I want to get pregnant? Also - fertility aside, is the surgery absolutely necessary?
brandib01 responded:
yes unfortunately surgery is necessary especially for infertilty.
i am sorry you are having these issues and believe me as someone who TTC for 6 years before i conceived my little nugget i feel your pain.

they say the best time to try again is right after you are healed from surgery and you are "cleaned out".

just make sure your doctor has a plan for afterwards. wht meds hes going to accompany it with etc.

i am not sure what you have tried already what test have been done etc. but if you have any further detailed questions just post oryou can email me directly. my email is listed within my bio. im always ahppy to help
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