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How to handle work and your medical issues.
hopeful2218 posted:
This is a Tip about how to cope with work, and what you are entitled to by law for your medical conditions.

First, if you find that you are no longer or on occasion able to function to your normal capacity at work. You need to have your FMLA form filled out.

Second, when you fill out the form (if you're not getting one at work, email me and I will send you the Federal FMLA form, it's the same as they would give you at work) ask your doctor to put intermittent leave on the form.

Intermittent leave allows you to leave early for appointment, treatments, not feeling well, etc. A tip is to always show up to work on's better to leave early then to come in late. Don't know why that is..but for some reason most HR departments prefer that.

Third, if your company employees more 15 or more full time employee's you are entitled to 9 weeks of FMLA time. (This is per calendar year, it renews itself on January 1st.) Now, most companies who employ more than 15 employee's also have short term and long term disability. When you invoke your FMLA rights, you need to make sure that your short term disability is running along with it. This will allow you to miss work, but still receive full pay. Most short term disability is for 6 full months.

Fourth, you are not obligated to inform your supervisor about your medical condition, they are allowed to only know that you are on FMLA and short term disability. So if your boss says "what is wrong with you" you do not need to answer this question, and I recommend that you do will lead to people saying..oh it's not tha bad, why is she out of work. The only people who need to know about your medical condition is your HR department. This falls under Federal HIPPA laws.

Fifth, keep a journal of your experience at work, if you are getting slick remarks from co-workers or your boss or anyone, write down exactly what was said, the time the place everything. You will need this incase you would get terminated. The only way you can lose your job on FMLA is if they eliminate your position. But even if they do that, you can still sue them under state and federal laws for retaliation, discrimination for invoking your FMLA rights.

Note: Most of use don't want to sue anyone, but I can tell you that 2/3's of the people who do file suit, the company will settle with you...because by law they can not fire you..even if they eliminate the position, they are supposed to offer you any other available positions within the company. They don't want to be in the newspaper, they don't want to pay attorney's fee's, so normally they will settle with you.

Always feel free to email me with questions about FMLA/Short Term Disability, or if you just want to know the laws and how to protect your job while trying to heal yourself.
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