Back again
silvettig posted:
Well, I go back to my doctor today and have him take a look at what's going on. I have taken my meds faithfully so I don't what's going on. If he wants test I will have to go to little rock @ 50 miles from were I live to see a expert. I had a small attact on monday of this week, It's to the point I don't even want to drive any more let alone walk, But I need that to keep my knees going they need replacement. If anyone rides a bike please wear a helment.
dancer86442 responded:
Hi silvettig,

Glad to see you back. :) Happier to hear you are seeing the DR today. :) Bummer about the Drive. And really, you Shouldn't be Driving! Personally, I would search for a 'designated' driver. Even to your Appt, today. ( Everyone agrees it's best to have someone w/ you In the DRS office during Consult, anyway. :) ) A Neighbor, friend? Remember, By driving, you are not only putting Yourself at risk!

Walking? Well, it's just gotta Be! So, we just take 1 step at a time. One Day at a Time. And sit down, lay down, ASAP, in a 'safe' zone if possible, when need be. :( Have you considered a 'companion'? A seizure alert dog?

BTW: Under Resources is a Site you should chek out, if you haven't already. :) Questions For Your DR/Neuro. And Ask about the Portable EEG! Another site: Epilepsy Faqs. Scroll down for answers & chek out 'aura's & other seizure types.

Good Luck. Love Candi
silvettig replied to dancer86442's response:
I must stop from driving, However I'm retired, I retired at 48, The Lord has been good to me. My local doctor said there is a local neuro in my town, He only see about 6 people a month he is semi-retired but a very good neuro. My Dr. has ordered new test from my local hospital and he is setting up new eeg's and a c-scan. As always life is great here on the river and I am so blessed, Candi, I want to thank you again for your help, Have a great day.
dancer86442 replied to silvettig's response:
Good Morning Silvettig,

Glad to hear you sounding sooo cheerful. :) And that you have found a Good Neuro. :)

Hey, I live close to the River, too. The Colorado River. :) :)

Life is Great! Hope you have Many good days. Visit anytime & keep us updated. :)

You Are Very Welcome! :)
Love Candi