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    JasonMK posted:
    I was put on Keppra not long ago for siezures. However I have never had one. Now I have problems staying awake, I am moody as can be and starting to loose my hair. Why would a doctor put me on a medication for something I don't have? Also is there risks with taking a medication for something that doesn't need treated?
    dancer86442 responded:
    Heloo Jason,

    Did your Neuro run any tests B4 putting you on meds? You could be having seizures unknown to you. Unseen, unfelt. If your tests detected seizure activity, that is why you were put on meds.

    For now, Start a Journal & note the side effects you are having. More info as to what to include: See Journals under Tips.

    Call your neuro for Answers! ASAP!

    Questions for neuro:

    Love Candi
    ewolfe314 responded:
    Hi Jason, When I take my keppra in the morning, I go out like a light.

    Come for night dosage,I'm up all hours of the night.

    I too, have had no really significant seizures at all, mine were grand mal seizures and this med has stopped them totally.
    mommabear47 responded:
    My child is on Keppra and experiences moodiness. B6 supplements seem to help (children are recommended 50 mg of B6 to lessen the moodiness side effect, - not sure of the adult dose). We crush half of a 100 mg pill & mix into flavored milk, yogurt, or applesauce. Taking naps also will help. I hope this helps. Best wishes!
    Grama4B replied to mommabear47's response:
    My grandson was just diagnosed as having seizures on Friday night..his EEG came back abnormal and was started on Keppra. He is only on .75 at this point and will be raised in a week. He is visually impaired so has behavior issues...but wondering if this med is gonna make it worse. Was told that he could also be put on B6. How old is your Child Mommabear47? My grandson is only 3. Any info would be greatly appreciated as this is all new to us...thanks and best of luck to you and yours...
    dancer86442 replied to Grama4B's response:
    Hello Grama4B.

    First rule is to Learn Proper seizure 1st Aid. It's really quite simple. :)

    Next is have his Parents start a Journal or Seizure Diary. You can locate an online tracker at or you can write everything down. Under Tips is a Post from Meetz, about everything that should be included. This is most important when starting a new medication/dose.

    As for his behavior, the Journal will show a pattern if anything is out of sorts or different than normal behavior. Keep in mind, Everyone experiences their med in different ways. What works for one may not work for another. But, a Good diet Should help his meds work properly w/ the fewest side effects. Also, Please do some homework about the Ketogenic Diet & ask his parents to consider it, B4 deciding on another med to try. If Keppra does not work for him. Whether it's continued Seizures or intolerable side effects. .

    Phylis has an excellent article on her site for parents of newly diagnosed children. Please visit & read the article. You don't have to join to read her info. :) She visits us on a regular basis if you have questions, too. :)

    If his parents have problems getting him to take his medication, I have recommended, in the past, that meds be inserted in a Small 'shot cup' of Jello. :) Ever hear of 'Jello Shooters'? :) Pudding can be used, too. :) Same w/ Applesauce. Just a Tsp. should do the trick there. Just don't let him watch when the pill is placed in these foods. :)

    Do you know what kind of seizures your grandson has? The has a description of most seizure Types. Also, chek out the Recommended Books for All Ages. My opinion: Everyone needs to be educated, including children. Our Resources has links to most of these sites & more Info. :)

    Best Advice: All sites agree. Continue to treat the child as 'normal'. It will take Time, Patience & support from friends & family. But, he will adjust. And so will they. The best news: Children of his age Usually outgrow seizures. :) Keep your fingers crossed. Any more questions or just wanna talk some more, I will be here for you. HUGS!

    Love Candi
    lessismore6 responded:
    I'm on Keppra for myclonic epilepsy, and it does make me tired too. I can only stay fully awake for 6-8 hours at a time, before I start to get tired or lose focus in what I'm doing. As mentioned, B6 vitamins do help, because my doctor explained to me that epilepsy meds do mess around with the B6 vitamins in your body, so you need more of those. I'm not sure how much this will help, but he also put me on folic acid, and I can make it for about 12 hours a day. I'm not sure about the hair falling out being a part of the side effects, but I can be moody (even though I am a girl too) it just makes me snappy sometimes. The reason my doctor chose this medicine for me was because the side effects aren't as complicating as some for the other medicines. Do you have any other medical concerns that would make your doctor put you on Keppra?

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