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MichiganSky posted:
I've had epilepsy for a very long time. I have aura's that are very frightening and are triggered by repetitive sounds like a lawn mower, etc. I'm on 1400mg of Tegretol and 500mg of Lamictal and still have the aura's. Recently I've had sever, debilitating anxiety associated with my aura's and my primary care doctor put me on .25mg of Xanax four times a day. I'm really seeking help and relief from the horrible anxiety I now have and want to know if anyone has a similar experience with E as I do. Also, is there anyone else that is on Xanax that has epilepsy and what is your experience?

zambonitramp responded:
Hello Cindy
you take a AWFUL lot of Teg!! I had the same anxiety problems and was taking xanax til my nueros jumped my ass cause it lowers your siezure threshold. I played on the med merry go round for yrs but i have finally found the right combos and am now seizure free for almost a yr now. My suggestion to you is to go find a GOOD nuero and have some patience,take some time and try some different meds.There are so many new drugs on the Market now and Teg is the oldest anti -Ep out there! It took me yrs but it was sooo worth it to get my life back!!!!
dancer86442 replied to zambonitramp's response:
Hello Cindy,

Welcome to Epland. My daughter is rite. You are on a very high dose. But, Tegrestol is Not the Oldest drug. Phenos are. :) And the DRS weren't the Only ones concerned about her Xanax use. Mom had a few words to say, too. :) Even her Brother put his two cents in. :)

Anyway, I agree. You Should get another Opinion & get back on the med merrygoround. Visit posted in Resources. Why? Cuz, auras Are considered Seizures & need to be controlled as well as any other type of seizure! They can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than convulsions.

Also, Start a Journal! If you haven't already done so. :) :) More Info posted under Tips. :)

Keep Learning all you can about Epilepsy & all it's aspects. It's the Best way to be Your Own Best Advocate!

Love Candi

Love Candi
MichiganSky replied to dancer86442's response:
Hi Candi,

I want to thank you and your daughter for responding with your helpful information. It's sure a comfort to talk with others that undersand Epiland. I mistakenly said that I'm on 1400mg of Tegretol. It's actually 1200mg. The Xanax has helped so much with the anxiety that I never have experienced before. I feel back to my old self. I've raised three kids by myself and have a career without these fearful/anxious feelings that I've had recently. I do need to find a good neuro. That can be hard to do. I know the aura's are seizure, but have never had any relief from them. What medications for E is your daughter on? I know everyone is different and it takes time to find out what works for you. Thank you again for taking the time to respond! Cindy
dancer86442 replied to MichiganSky's response:
Hi Cindy,

Yes, the Zanax does make a difference. But, honestly, use it only for a short time. Do some 'homework' & find Natural ways to relieve your Anxiety. Were there no DRS in your area on Phylis's list on

Jeanna is on Topamax & Lyrica. She was taken off all her meds while in the EMU & DRS agreed she needed to try something new. So Topamax it was. Topamax has problems, too. In fact another Lady was saying it was fixing to be recalled. I am going to have to do some more 'homework' to validate that. I sure hope not. It is the First med to work for her. :( The Lyrica was added to control her Anxiety, I Think. :)

Good Luck. Keep searching for answers. Keep Learning! We will be here for you. :)

Love Candi

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